Who We Are

Educational Technology

Educational Technology (EdTech) is a part of the larger School of Medicine IRT group. EdTech consists of two subgroups: Instructional Design and Course Development, and Instructional Technology. The two groups work closely together to focus on supporting the school's educational mission with a variety of digital and online technologies, technology enhanced learning spaces, and innovative learning modalities.

Mission Statement

Educational Technology provides a highly coordinated set of educational planning and support services to facilitate the innovative and appropriate use of teaching technology throughout Stanford School of Medicine.

Mark Trenchard

Director of Academic and Interactive Technology

Instructional Design & Course Production

Kim Walker

Manager of Instructional Design & Production

Andrew Baek

Instructional Media Specialist

William Bottini

Creative Director & UX Designer

Huy Tran

Digital Media Specialist

Carlos Sanchez

Digital Media Specialist

Lauren Watley

Digital Media Specialist

Deila Bumgardner

CME Instructional Designer

Kimberly Kon

Digital MEdIC Instructional Designer & Program Manager

Daisy Castillo

Program Coordinator

Instructional Technology

Pauline Becker

Senior Project Manager

Mike McAuliffe

Instructional Technologist & Project Manager

Britt Carr

Academic Technology Specialist

Erfan Mojaddam

Innovation Lead

Megan Garland

Classroom Capture Support

Hannah Rasmussen

Classroom Capture Support

Kuo-Kai Chin

Year 2 Classroom AV Support

Veronica Toro

Year 1 Classroom AV Support

Jessica Yoo

Year 1 Classroom AV Support