Classroom Training

Classrooms in the LKSC are equipped with all of the technology you're used to, including digital ink, document cameras, student polling and a lectern computer. There are, however a few new additions you should be familiar with. The most important of those additions is the new AMX touch panel control system, and you will find quickstart guides in the "Quick Links" to the right in addition to information about another new feature: HD projection. The projectors in LKSC classrooms allow you to present at a 16:9 aspect ratio in 1080p high definition, which means you will have more space in your PowerPoint layouts and higher resolution for images. The menu below will help you get started with everything you need to know to teach in the LKSC.

AMX Touch Screen Control Panel

Projection, lighting, video capture and audio in LKSC classrooms can all be controlled with the touch screen control panels at the lectern. You can learn more about how they work by clicking here.

Digital Ink

Digital Ink is a powerful tool for the classroom that allows for annotation of on-screen content in a quick, precise and intuitive manner. Find instructions and examples of the ways in which your colleagues are using digital ink by clicking here.

Document Cameras

Document cameras are a fast and easy way to show a large room a small object. These high-resolution cameras can project video of experiments, objects and documents to the classroom. Find out more by clicking here.

Audience Polling

Would you like to know if your students are paying attention? Do you need feedback on your teaching or pieces of your lecture? Would you like to know where your class stands on ethical issues? Click here to find out how audience polling can help.

Desktop Sharing

View student's machines from yours, pass files to them, and project any student's laptop screen for the class. Click here to find out how Desktop Sharing makes this all possible.