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Medmeeting - Accessing and Requesting Meeting Rooms

Accessing a meeting room:

You can access your meeting room via the URL provided by the IRT Service Desk.  This will be of the format[meeting name] where [meeting name] is the name of your meeting. If this is a Personal Meeting Room, [meeting name] will be your SUNetID.   If this is a Shared Meeting Room, [meeting name] will be based on the name of the meeting. It will be helpful to bookmark the URL of your room so that you may access it easily.

You can log into the room using your SUNetID and password. You may log in as a guest if you do not have a SUNetID, but you will need to be allowed entry by the meeting host.

Accessing a meeting room via iPhone/iPod/iPad client:

Creating a Personal Meeting Room (PMR):

For information on PMRs, please reference the Medmeeting Usage Page

Requesting a meeting room (SMR or PMR):

Request a meeting room by submitting a HelpSU ticket, making sure to include the following information:

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