The IRT Team

IRT supports the school through several service groups staffed with a broad range of professional technologists.

Chief Information Officer

Michael Halaas

Current Role at Stanford

My role is to provide strategic leadership and management of innovative technology solutions at the School of Medicine and to ensure our overall technology architecture is a strong enabler of institutional goals. To achieve this broad goal I work in close collaboration with a wide variety of individuals in the School of Medicine, on the main Stanford campus and in our two hospitals to plan and implement technology initiatives.

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Chief Technology Officer

Application Services

Don Mitchell

  • Web Developer
    Koorosh Davoodian
  • CAP Product Manager
    Tina Del Cont
  • Sr. Applications Engineer
    Darryl Dieckman
  • Sr. Applications Engineer
    Alla Klevtsova
  • Web Applications Developer
    Devi Meyyappan
  • Manager, Front-end & Mobile Development
    Richard Renn
  • Engagement Coordinator
    Denise Weinert
  • Systems Software Developer
    Charles Yates

AV Technology

Trent Tanaka

  • Systems Integration & Support Specialist
    Art Bascos
  • AV Integration & Support Specialist
    Robert Del Visco
  • Systems Administrator
    John Kang
  • Chief Engineer
    Bindu Madhava
  • Systems Administrator & AV Specialist
    Minmin Qin

Business Intelligence / Administrative Systems

Pat Deasy

  • BI Technical Solutions Architect
    Gopi Bheemani
  • Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst
    Jonathan Davies
  • Sr. Business Analyst
    Stephen Estes
  • Sr. Business/Systems Analyst
    Patrice Parsons
  • Sr. Business Information Systems Programmer/Administrator
    Bill Roden

Data Center Services

Hans Jacobsen

  • Sr. Data Center Technician
    Rue Basiloy
  • Customer Manager
    Anthony Benevento
  • Sr. Systems Administrator
    Reil Brennan
  • Systems Administrator
    Spencer Chinn
  • Principal Systems Administrator
    Fletcher Cocquyt
  • Data Center Technician
    Loy De Mesa
  • Manager, Systems Administration
    Alan Ge
  • Systems Administrator
    Teresia Gichimu
  • Principal Database Architect
    Alan Huang
  • Systems Administrator
    Scott Kilty
  • Manager, Data Center Operations
    Marlon Tarape
  • Manager, Database Administration
    Vicky Zhou

Digital Experience

Mark Trenchard

  • UX Designer
    Zakary Akin
  • Web Support Specialist
    William Doyle
  • Sr. Web Strategist
    Pam Lowney
  • Web Content Strategist
  • Community Development & Training Lead
    Jason McDonald
  • Marketing Platform Admin

Data Security Programs

Sharie Kumaishi

  • Information Security Specialist
    Andrew Mew
  • Data Center Security Engineer
    Soyok Quan
  • Sr. Security Engineer
    Robert Zeien
  • Systems Engineer
    Joe Zertuche

Educational Technology

Acting Director
Aarti Porwal

  • Instructional Media Specialist
    Andrew Baek
  • Technical Project Manager
    Pauline Becker

Encryption Project

Bob Burkhardt

  • Encryption Project Technician
    Sang Kim
  • Encryption Project Technician
    Phillip Passos
  • Encryption Project Technician
    Daniel Weaver

Finance & Administration / Program Planning & Management

Lora Pertle

  • Human Resources Manager
    Cindy Cho
  • Administrative Associate
    Xanthie Cook
  • Administrative Associate
    Isabel Costa
  • Financial Analyst
    Amanda Descagnia
  • Project Portfolio Manager
    Alla Passinsky
  • Purchasing and Property Administrator
    Jiten Singh

IT Field Support

John Reuling

Associate Director, IT Support Operations
Todd Wheeler

IT Field Support
Manager, Caroline Alemany

  • IT Systems Analyst
    Shougofa Akbarpour
  • IT Systems Analyst
    Necki Goble
  • IT Systems Analyst
    Ralph Tan

Service Desk
Manager, Andrew Blaner

  • Service Desk Technician
    Joshua Garrison
  • Service Desk Technician
    Jesse Mena

IT Transition, Projects & Escalations

  • IT Projects Manager
    Daniel Paepcke
  • Technical Escalations Manager
    Glenn Peacock

Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics / STRIDE

Director, Informatics Services
Susan Weber

  • ETL Engineer
    Deepa Balraj
  • Clinical Research Data Analyst
    Preston Carter
  • Clinical & Translational Research Informatics Specialist
    Gomathi Krishnan
  • Application Developer
    YongJae Lee
  • Systems Software Developer
    Sanjay Malunjkar
  • Principal Informatics Architect
    Andrew Martin
  • Systems Architect
    Garrick Olson
  • Senior Software Developer
    Teresa Pacht
  • Clinical Research Systems Developer
    Tina Seto
  • Sr. Internet Application Developer
    David Tom
  • Biomedical Database Developer
    Lee Ann Yasukawa