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Michael Halaas
Michael Halaas
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Information Resources and Technology (IRT) provides information technology, informatics, simulation and knowledge management services in support of the School of Medicine's clinical, research and educational missions.

IRT supports the School's through several Technology Service Groups and Centers:

Service Groups

Administrative Systems & Technology oversees the development and maintenance of the School's administrative computing environment.

Data Center offers a secure server environment for your hosting needs.  These services include: Basic Hosting Services which includes access to secure servers and Managed Systems which includes the Basic Hosting services plus Unix, Linux and Windows administration.

Information Security provides standards and processes to help you keep your information inaccessible to unauthorized users who may want to destroy, tamper with, or steal your data.

Network Planning & Projects plans and manages the SoM data communications network, offering both high-speed wired and wireless network service.

Service Desk provides basic desktop support to the faculty, students, and staff at the School of Medicine, as well as extended technical support to a number of groups and departments. Basic support for technical support, training resources and technical solution recommendations includes access to our Service Desk using HelpSU or over the phone at x5-8000. Departments can fund expanded technical support, which includes on-site computing support.

Systems Engineering & Architecture is the software development arm of IRT. The group supports the School's missions through the use of innovative technology. Working in concert with other IRT organizations and directly with the Medical School community, we build web and desktop applications which support biomedical research, education, information retrieval, collaboration, and other mission critical business functions.

Web Services provides general oversight for the School of Medicine's web presence and a wide range of support for the more than 300 public websites associated with the School of Medicine and Stanford Hospital & Clinics. The group manages content for the Schools top level pages, sets web publishing standards and policies, provides training and support for departmental web authors, and builds static and dynamic websites for groups across the school.


Educational Technology focuses on supporting the school's educational mission with a variety of technologies and enhanced learning modalities. Its mission is to provide a highly coordinated set of educational planning and support services to facilitate the innovative and appropriate use of teaching technology throughout the school.

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