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Websites with Dreamweaver

What to expect from this tutorial

With this training, you will learn how to publish websites in the legacy Stanford Medicine design using Dreamweaver. Although prepared for Dreamweaver CS3, the methods described should work for all recent versions.

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This is not basic Dreamweaver training, although it is suitable for beginners. It is closely focused on the specifics of the legacy designs. Additional training resources can be found on the More Information page.

Who needs Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is the Swiss Army knife of Web development tools. It can be used by any Stanford Medicine Web developer or maintainer. It is strongly recommended for any developer or maintainer who needs to manage the structure of sites, including creating or deleting directories.

Site maintainers who only need to edit existing pages or create new pages within an existing site structure may find Contribute easier to learn and use. See the Post-launch Publishing & Maintenance page for a comparison of Dreamweaver and Contribute.

To complete this training, you need:

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