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Medmeeting - Headset Recommendations

IRT's Service Desk has completed a review of wireless headsets and recommends two models that work with most phones on campus and the SMP Nortel 1140E phones. For more information on vendors for each of these products, please contact Jiten Singh, at or 5-1233.

1. GN Netcom Jabra 9120 Series Wireless System

(9120-28-05 has Noise Canceling, which is recommended)

This system costs around $160 and has great sound quality and range. It has a transmission range of up to 300 ft. from headset to base and uses technology to eliminate eavesdropping. A fully charged battery can last up to 8 hours and the transmission base station doubles as a charger for the headset battery. The newest models (GN9120 Duo) cost more, but have a talk time of up to 12 hours.

2. Plantronics CS55 Wireless Office Headset System

Another high-quality headset system in use today is the Plantronics CS55; it is the product Stanford's ergonomics consultants promote. With an average cost of $170 (if you buy it out of the box online) or $220 (with training provided by the vendor), this product has a talk time of up to 8 hours, standby time of up to 50 hours, and a range of up to 300ft.

Note: When using both of these systems with the 1140E Nortel VoIP phones, the headset base units should be plugged into the headset port on the back of the phone and accessed through the "Headset" button.  They do not use the remote handset lifters.

On the lower-cost side, Bluetooth headsets that work with cellular phones work decently with the Nortel VoIP Phones. However, we don't recommend purchasing a Bluetooth headset with the specific purpose of using it as a wireless headset for your VoIP phone. They have significant limitations — the range you can travel from your deskset with your Bluetooth headset is limited, typically about 30 feet, and with certain models you may experience delays in the audio; the person on the other end of the call may also hear an echo if your headset volume is too loud.

Bluetooth headsets can also be attached to the Nortel 1140E phone. Check the pairing instructions for the Nortel 1140E Phone.

Bluetooth Headset Activation for Pairing with IP 1140E

First, purchase a bluetooth headset that is compatible with 1140E. For example, Plantronics, a headset vendor, has a Compatibility Guide on which headsets work with which telephone sets.

To enable the Bluetooth headset pairing with the 1140E:

  1. Hit the Services key twice. A menu pops up in the window.
  2. Select item #3 “Network Configuration” and hit the Send key (middle button with a left arrow in the Navigation key area)
  3. Use the right key in the Navigation area to scroll down the menu to the bottom “Enable Bluetooth “ and change it from Auto to Yes.
  4. At the bottom of the window, the first softkey shows “Apply&Reset”. Hit the softkey.
  5. The set will reboot. Log back in.
  6. Hit Services key twice. A menu pops up in the window.
  7. Select “1. Preferences” by hitting the left arrow key in the middle button in the Navigation area.
  8. Select “3. Bluetooth Setup”
  9. Put a check in “Enable Bluetooth” and “Use Bluetooth headset”.
  10. Go to “Search Devices” and select the Search function to search for your bluetooth headset.
  11. Go down to “Pair Device”. Select the Pair function to pair the headset with the 1140E. You may need to consult the headset documentation to put the headset in pairing mode.
  12. When the window shows “Pairing Complete”, the process is done.

After the headset is successfully paired with the 1140E, you can depress the control button on the headset to activate the dial tone, dial the digits on the 1140E and use the headset to listen and talk. When a call arrives on the 1140E, you will need to use the 1140E to answer then use the headset to listen and talk.

On Plantronics’ Discovery 655 headset, the procedure to put the headset in pairing mode is as follows:

  1. Be sure the headset is fully charged.
  2. Press and hold down the call control button for 10 seconds, until the headset status indicator begins to flash red, then blue. The headset is now in pairing mode for the next 120 seconds.
  3. While the headset is flashing, use the 1140E menu to search for Bluetooth devices.
  4. When prompted for a passkey, enter 0000. Headset will flash blue when paired successfully.

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