Training for a Career as a Clinician Scientist

Training of fellows in grant preparation, manuscript preparation, organization and delivery of scientific lectures, and data analysis is frequently overlooked, yet critical to success as an independent investigator. Fellows are given informal training by individual lab mentors in preparation of grants and manuscripts, and preparation and delivery of Powerpoint presentations. Formal seminars on these topics are already organized as part of the interdepartmental program in immunology training and include divisional trainees.

The recent decline in emerging physician-scientist rheumatologists across the country in general, and the limited number of training programs in rheumatology that attracts and prepares physicians for independent research careers are of serious concern. More are needed to maintain the rapid pace of novel and creative advances in biomedical research. Such advances enhance the care of patients with chronic rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic diseases in aggregate affect over 30 million individuals in the US alone, and extract a cost to society of well over $40 billion annually.