Science in Progress 2019-2020

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The Science in Progress (SIP) Talks feature research presentations by both senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to the immunology community. SIP Talks happen on Thursdays at 12:30 pm with lunch provided and graduates, fellows, and faculty are welcome to attend.  The sessions will alternate weekly with pre-doc and post-doc presentations and weekly announcements will continue to be sent out through the Immunology list.  

Date Location Presenter Title
Fall Quarter      
9/26/19 HRP T138B Caleb Glassman, Garcia Lab IL-12 family cytokines
10/3/19 HRP T138B    
10/10/19 HRP T138B    
10/17/19 HRP T138B Pui Yan Ho, Czechowicz Lab Combination Lentiviral Gene-Therapy and Antibody-Based Conditioning
10/24/19 - Cancelled HRP T138B    
10/31/19 HRP T138B Berenice Mbiribindi, Krams Lab EBV latent proteins encode for peptides that prevent NK cell inhibition
11/7/19 HRP T138B David Glass, Bendall Lab An integrated multi-omic single cell atlas of human B cell diversity
11/14/19 HRP T138B Shu-Chen Hung, Mellins Lab Epitope Selection for HLA-DQ2 Presentation: Implications for Celiac Disease and Viral Defense
11/21/19 - Cancelled TBD    
12/5/19 - Cancelled HRP T138B Estelle Trego Spear, Habtezion Lab Deletion of scavenger receptor protects against gastrointestinal dysmotility and muscularis inflammation.
Winter Quarter      
1/9/20 CCSR 4205 Kelly McGill, Utz and Khatri Labs  
1/16/20 TBD Ievgen Koliesnik, Bollyky Lab  
1/23/19 CCSR 4205 Amy Fan, Majeti Lab All things RUNX1
1/30/20 CCSR 4205 Lauren Higdon, Maltzman Lab  
2/6/20 CCSR 4205 Jack Silberstein, Cockran Lab Checkpoint proteins
2/13/20 CCSR 4205 Marla Glass (McPherson), Martinez Lab Multiparametric analysis by mass cytometry identifies regulatory B cell phenotypes
2/20/20 CCSR 4205 Kartik Bhamidipat, Robinson Lab  
2/27/20 Alway M208 Wan Xing Hong  
3/5/20 CCSR 4205 Audrey Lee, Pulendran Lab Innate response to vaccination (exact title TBD)
3/12/20 CCSR 4205    
3/19/20 CCSR 4205 Camille Brewer, Robinson Lab  
3/26/20 HRP T138B Debopam Ghosh  
Spring Quarter      
4/2/20 HRP T138B Brenda Velasco, Shizuru Lab The Effects of Anti-CD117 on the Bone Marrow Microenvironment
4/9/20 HRP T138B Elias Gerrick  
4/16/20 Alway M114 Josselyn Pena, Sheri Krams Natural Killer Cell Involvement in the Control of Latent EBV Infection
4/23/20 HRP T138B    
4/30/20 HRP T138B Hunter Martinez, Bollyky Lab CD44 involvement in T lymphocyte signaling and metabolism
5/7/20 HRP T138B Ezzat Hashemi  
5/14/20 HRP T138B YeEun Kim, Bendall and Greenleaf Labs Human bone marrow lymphoid progenitors
5/21/20 HRP T138B Alan Lee Chang