Stanford Immunology Seminar Series 2019-2020

Seminars & Events

Nationally and internationally recognized speakers present research seminars to the Stanford Immunology community. Graduate students participate in extending invitations to speakers and in hosting speakers. The seminar is free and open to the public. It also functions as a class called IMMUNOL 311.


Sep September 24 Tue 2019

Shane Liddelow, PhD
NYU Langone
What do reactive astrocytes (really) do? 
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Oct October 01 Tue 2019

Ansuman Satpathy, MD, PhD
Stanford University
Single-cell genomics in cancer immunotherapy
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Oct October 08 Tue 2019

Pamela Bjorkman, PhD
A Molecular Arms Race: HIV versus the Immune 
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Oct October 15 Tue 2019

Diana Bautista, PhD
UC Berkeley
Neuroimmune interactions in itch and pain
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Oct October 22 Tue 2019


Oct October 29 Tue 2019

Alice Bertaina, PhD
Stanford University

Nov November 05 Tue 2019

Dan Stetson, PhD
University of Washington

Nov November 12 Tue 2019

Joanne Engel, MD, PhD
The secret life of an intracellular pathogen

Nov November 19 Tue 2019

Rosa Bacchetta, MD
Stanford University


01.07.2020 Lawrence Fong - UCSF

01.14.2020 Michael DuPage -  UC Berkeley

01.21.2020 Nicholas Restifo - NIH

01.28.2020 Rachel Gerstein- University of Massachusetts Medical School

02.04.2020 Beth Stevens - Boston Children's Hospital 

02.11.2020 Margaret McCarthy -  University of Maryland School of Medicine

02.18.2020 Lucy Godley - University of Chicago

02.25.2020 Kole Roybal - UCSF

03.03.2020 Carl Nathan - Cornell School of Medicine


03.31.2020 Marco Colonna - Washington University, St. Louis

04.07.2020 Dan Kaplan -  University of Pittsburgh

04.14.2020 Dana Pe'er - Memorial Sloan Kettering

04.21.2020 John Kuriyan- UC Berkeley

04.28.2020 Andrea Schietinger - Memorial Sloan Kettering

05.05.2020 Brian Brown -  Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

05.12.2020 Egle Cekanaviciute - NASA

05.19.2020 Alex Shalek - MIT/Ragon

05.26.2020 Katherine King - Baylor College of Medicine