General inquiries may be sent to:

Immunology Program Office
1215 Welch Road, Modular B
Stanford, CA 94305-5422

Maureen Panganiban, M.A.
Program Manager/Student Services Officer

Email: mopan at stanford dot edu
Phone: 650-725-5076

Patricia Jones, PhD
Director, Stanford Immunology

Olivia Martinez, PhD
Chair, Immunology PhD Program

Graduate Program Committee:

The Graduate Program Committee is responsible for the selection, admission, education and degree achievement of all pre-doctoral students in Immunology at Stanford. The Committee also sets programmatic policies for the graduate program.

Olivia Martinez, PhD, Chair, Surgery/Abdominal Transplantation
Edgar Engleman, MD, Pathology
K. Christopher Garcia, PhD, Molecular Cellular Physiology
Sheri Krams, PhD, Surgery/Abdominal Transplantation
William Robinson, MD, PhD, Medicine/Immunology & Rheumatology
Jonathan Maltzman, MD, PhD, Medicine-Nephrology