Awards & Distinctions


2020 Office of Graduate Education Excellence Awards

Josslyn Pena recognized for Student Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students 

This award recognizes students devoted to improving the quality of the Stanford graduate student experience. This service is invaluable to our programs, and this award will recognize truly outstanding service on behalf of Biosciences graduate students.

2020 Office of Graduate Education Excellence Awards

Carlos Medina recognized for Student Award for Excellence in Societal Citizenship 

This award recognizes students who make exemplary contributions towards promoting social justice, diversity and inclusion, meaningful participation in civic life, and/or awareness of societal issues that impact our communities.

2020 Stanford Summer Research Program

James Harden selected as a Program Leader for the Stanford Summer Research Program-Amgen Scholars Program

The SSRP-Amgen Scholars Program is a fully-funded research-intensive residential program that takes place on Stanford’s beautiful campus for a nine-week period. 

Stanford Biosciences Student Association 2020-21


Candace Liu, 3rd Year serves as Co-President

First Year Mentorship Chair & Immunology Home Program Rep

Camilo Espinosa Bernal, 2nd Year serves as First Year Mentorship Chair and Immunology Home Program Representative

Alumni Liaison/SOAR Chair

Joseph Gonzalez, 2nd Year serves as Alumni Liaison/SOAR Chair

Social Chair

Maddie Lee 2nd Year serves as Social Chair

Orientation and Recruitment Chair

Katherine Nico, 2nd Year serves as Orientation and Recruitment Chair


2019-2020 President of BioAIMS

Josselyn Pena, 3rd Year is appointed 2019-2020 President of BioAIMS

BioAIMS, an inclusive organization that provides a welcoming home for all Biosciences students at Stanford. Get involved with BioAIMS.

Stanford Biosciences Student Association 2019-20

Communications Officer

Candace Liu, 2nd Year serves as Communications Officer

Orientation and Recruitment Chair & Immunology Home Program Rep

Frank Buquicchio, 2nd Year serves as Orientation and Recruitment Chair and Immunology Home Program Representative

First Year Mentorship Chair

Brenda Velasco, 3rd Year serves as First Year Mentorship Chair

Alumni Liaison/SOAR Chair

Jack Silberstein, Third Year serves as Alumni Liaison/SOAR Chair

Fellowship Mentoring Chair

Hayley Raquer, 2nd Year serves as Fellowship Mentoring Chair