Graduation Years

Class of 2019

Eden Maloney
Mentor: Olivia Martinez
Research: Genomic and Transcriptional Signatures of Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Malignancies
Current position:

Erika Bongen
Mentor: Purvesh Khatri & PJ Utz
Research: Immunological Factors in Healthy Individuals that Lead to Different Disease Risks: Influenza Susceptibility and Sex Differences
Current position: Scientist, Immuno-Oncology Translational Bioinformatics
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Yoni Samuel Rubin
Mentor: Bill Robinson & Aida Habtezion
Research: Single-cell analysis of immunity in inflammatory bowel diseases
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Jonathan Wosen
Mentor: Elizabeth Mellins
Research: Intestinal Enteroids as a Novel Model System for Studying MHC Class II Regulation and Function in Intestinal

Class of 2018

Marta Andres-Terre
Mentors: Denise Monack & Purvesh Khatri
Research:  Characterizing the heterogeneity of Salmonella macrophage interactions at the single cell level
Current position: Researcher

Marvin Gee
Mentor:  K. Christopher Garcia
Research:  T cell phenotyping and receptor de-orphanization in colorectal cancer 
Current position: VP of Research, Co-Founder at 3T Biosciences

Zinaida Good
Mentors:  Sean Bendall & Garry Nolan
Research:  Bone marrow sources of T-lymphocyte progenitors in the Human 
Current position: Postdoctoral fellow

Justin Jarrell
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Decoding the pathogenic mechanisms of IgG4-related disease using high-throughput sequencing and proteomic approaches 
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Leah Sibener
Mentor:  K. Christopher Garcia
Research:  Profiling the mechanistic basis of high affinity non-agonist T cell interactions 
Current position:  VP of Research, Co-Founder at 3T Biosciences

Jolien Sweere
Mentor:  Paul Bollyky
Research:  Immune modulation by filamentous bacteriophage during biofilm infection 
Current position:  Consulting Associate, Charles River Associates

Robert Yuan
Mentor:  Edgar Engleman
Research:  Role of macrophages in intestinal tumorigenesis 
Current position:  Researcher


Class of 2017

Nicholas Bayless
Mentor:  Catherine Blish
Research:  Functional and transcription signatures of preterm birth 
Current position:  Research Scientist, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Trinidad Cisneros
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  Effect of Chronic Alcohol Use on Alloimmunity 
Current position:  Research Analyst, Western University of Health Sciences

Jake Glanville
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  Decoding primary sequences of the adaptive B-cell and T-cell receptor repertoires 
Current position:  Founding Partner, Chief Science Officer, and Chairman of the Board at Distributed Bio, Inc.

Sarah Kongpachith
Mentor: Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of convergent sequence patterns in anti-citrulline protein antibodies in Rheumatoid arthritis patients
Current position:  Senior Scientist, AbbVie

Daniel Lu
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of convergent sequence patterns in anti-citrulline protein antibodies in Rheumatoid arthritis patients
Current position:  Senior Associate Scientist, Amgen

Murad Mamedov
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  T cell response to human and mouse malaria
Current position:  Postdoctoral scholar

Yekyung Seong
Mentor: Eugene Butcher
Research: Defining trafficking programs of human plasmablasts responding to tissues-specific immune challenge
Current position: Postdoctoral scholar at AbbVie

Class of 2016

Jacob Rosenberg
Mentor: PJ Utz
Research: Anti-cytokine autoantibodies in landscapes of health and immunodeficiency
Current position: Intern, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dana Strauss-Albee
Mentor: Catherine Blish
Research: Human Natural Killer Cell Diversity
Current position: Data Scientist at Collective Health

Matthew Spitzer
Mentors: Edgar Engleman & Garry Nolan
Research: Modeling organism-wide immunity in health and cancer
Current position: Faculty Fellow, Microbiology & Immunology, UCSF

Brenda Torres
Mentor: David Schneider
Research: Tracking resilience using disease maps
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford

Christin Lepus
Mentor: William Robinson
Research: Innate immune mechanisms of osteoarthritis
Current position: Resident, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Yunqin Lee
Mentor: John Sunwoo
Research: Tumor-induced suppression of host immunity
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network

Melissa Ch'ng
Mentor: Edgar Engleman
Research: Defining the roles of adaptive immune cells in insulin resistance
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network

Luhua Zhang
Mentor: John Sunwoo
Research: The Aryl hydrocarbon receptor in Natural Killer cell homeostasis
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Class of 2015

Catherine Hartzell
Mentor:  Richard Lewis
Research:  Calcium influx regulates actin dynamics, ER remoduling and CRAC channel localization at the immune synapse
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexander Louie
Mentor:  David Schneider
Research:  Defining the shape of disease space
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Peder Lund
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  A global analysis of proteins modified by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine in activated human T cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

James Torchia
Mentor:  Ron Levy
Research:  Testing lymphoma with precision using semi-synthetic peptibodies
Current position:  Resident Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital

Gloria Yiu
Mentor:  PJ Utz 
Research:  Interferon signaling in lupus-prone mice and systemic lupus erythematosus
Current position:   Medical Student, Stanford University School of Medicine

Class of 2014

Maya Benbarak
Mentor:  Stephen Galli & Irv Weissman
Research:  Granulocyte hematopoiesis
Current position:  Planning and Portfolio Manager at Genentech

Michael Birnbaum
Mentor:  K. Christopher Garcia
Research:  Deconstructing the peptide-MHC specificity of T cell recognition
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

Marc Bruce
Mentor:  Manish Butte
Research:  Combined and applied atomic force and confocal microscopy to elucidate the activation threshold of T cells  
Current position:  Co-founder/CTO of Microvolution, LLC.

Aleshia Harris-Arnold
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  How an individual's microbiota affects their immune system; Advances in Immunology
Current position:  Writer and Social Media Manager,

Steven Schaffert
Mentor:  C.Z. Chen  
Research:  Investigating the role of microRNAs in T cell development and function
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Khatri Lab at Stanford University

Anjali Shastri
Mentor:  John Boothroyd
Research:  How the parasite Toxoplasma gondii manipulates the hostimmune response
Current position:  Global Health Policy Advisor, US Department of State, Office of Global Health Diplomacy

Trisha Stan
Mentor:  Tony Wyss-Coray
Research:  Investigating the influence of the immune system on the brain in neurodegenerative disease and dementia
Current position: Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences, Minerva School of KGI

Class of 2013

Khoa Nguyen
Mentor:  Ajay Chawla & Lawrence Steinman
Research:  Regulation of innate immune cell homeostasis by immune and nutrient signaling
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Engleman Lab, Pathology, Stanford University

Michael Strohman
Mentor:  Betsy Mellins
Research:  MHC class II protein turnover in antigen presenting cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Kolbilka Lab, Stanford University

Ming Cheah
Mentor:  Irv Weissman
Research:  Molecular mechanisms causing poor patient survival in bladder cancer
Current position:  Associate, McKinsey & Company

Class of 2012

Christopher Arnold
Mentor:  C.Z. Chen
Research:  miRNAs and stem cell self-renewal
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Regina Cheung
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Transcriptional, proteomic, and functional analysis of cytokine-secreting plasmacytoid dendritic cells
Current position:  Disease Area Manager, Cardiovascular Resource Group, LLC

Peter Choi
Mentor:  Dean Felsher
Research:  The DNA damage response and MYC tumor regression
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Broad Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Matthew Davidson
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  T-helper cells regulate the formation and function of specialized dendritic cell subsets in inflamed tissue:  implications for multiple sclerosis
Current position:  Scientist, Applied Immunology; CEO, Think Gum LLC

Zhaoqing Ding
Mentor:  Tony Wyss-Coray
Research:  How TGF- signaling in the CNS promotes T cell accumulation and its contribution to immune-mediated CNS disease
Current position:  Scientist, Crucell Vaccine Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company

Sharon Goh
Mentor:  Lawrence Steinman & Ajay Chawla
Research:  Eosinophil-derived IL-4 stimulates hepatocyte proliferation to promote liver regeneration
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Olivia Hatton
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez  
Research:  Survival signals in Epstein-Barr virus B cell lymphomas
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Colorado College

Wen Qi Ho
Mentor:  Jerry Crabtree
Research:  The nuclear kinase Dyrk1a is essential for cell cycle regulation during T cell development
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), Singapore

Xianne Leong
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  Role of immune system in colon cancer development
Current position:  co-CEO, Magnifi; Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Christina Meyer
Mentor:  Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  Recognition of hapten molecules by yδ T cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow at EMD Serono, Inc.

Amy Palin
Mentor:  David Lewis
Research:  Mechanisms for decreased neonatal T-cell immunity  
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Lori Phillips
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  Neuroimmunolgy: immunologic response to allogeneic stem cell transplants in the brain
Current position:  Entrepreneur; Founder of Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos, LLC

Jordan Price
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Evolution of peptide proteomics platforms for biological discovery and personalized medicine
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

Kavya Rakhra
Mentor:  Dean Felsher
Research:  The effects of the immune system on tumorigenesis
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Darryl Irvine lab, MIT

Yann Chong Tan
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Intersection of microarray analyses and genome-wide association studies to identify novel targets in rheumatoid arthritis
Current position:  Chief Technologist, Atreca, Inc.; Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Class of 2011

Michael Alonso
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  Role in autoimmune disease of functionally distinct human dendritic cell subsets 
Current position:  Manager, Cellular Immunity Laboratory, Stanford University

Matthew Clutter
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  Network analysis and drug target identification in mast cells
Current position:  Screening Research Scientist, Northwestern University

Oliver Crespo
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of Fms in RA
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Reagent and Application Development, BD Sciences, San Jose, CA

Jake Fathman
Mentor:  Irv Weissman
Research:  Fate decisions in natural killer cell development
Current position:  Scientist, Genomics Institute of Novartis

Lisa McGinnis
Mentor:  Calvin Kuo
Research:  Cross-talk between the hypoxia-sensing pathway and the insulin-signaling pathway
Current position:  Resident, Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Kasey Sachen
Mentor:  Ron Levy
Research:  Studies of B cell receptors of follicular lymphoma
Current position:  Staff Scientist, Takeda San Diego, Inc.

Christina Swanson
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Existence of antibody reactivity towards lipids in multiple sclerosis
Current position:   Senior Scientist, Diagnostics for All

Adrianne Vasey
Mentor:  Rob Negrin
Research:  Role of APCs in GVHD induction
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University

Michael Wong
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Role of Th17 cells in various autoimmune diseases
Current position:  Research Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN)

Class of 2010

Jessica Allen Linderman
Mentor:  Judith Shizuru
Research:  Lymphocyte reconstitution post allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Mohr Lab, NYU Langone Medical Center, NY

Jeff Campbell
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  The effect of limiting TCR CDR1 and CDR2 diversity on adaptive immunity
Current position:  Executive Chef, Silvies Valley Ranch, Seneca, Oregon

Kenneth Gibbs
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  Novel applications for flow cytometry
Current position:  Cancer Prevention Postdoctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Andrew Girvin
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  T cell activation with different ligands
Current position:  Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies

Matthew Goldstein
Mentor:  Levy
Research:  Immunostimulatory therapies for lymphoma
Current position:  Resident Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Nicole Hannick Kattah
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Development of peptide-MHC arrays for studying autoimmune T cell responses in lupus and diabetes
Current position:  Student Associate, Finnegan Law Firm

Lena Ho
Mentor:  Jerry Crabtree
Research:  Chromatin regulation in pluripotency
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Bruno Reversade, Singapore

Angela Landrigan
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Immune evasion through TLR signaling in cancer cells
Current position:  Product and Community Manager, Cytobank Inc

Eric Mabery
Mentor:  David Schneider
Research:  The role of TNF/eiger in Drosophila immunity
Current position:  CEO, Biotech firm

Ricardo Paniagua
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of tyrosine kinases in RA
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Dermatology, UT Southwestern

Ken Schulz
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  B1 cell signaling
Current position:  
Market Planning Manager, Genentech

Lu-En Wai
Mentor:  Sheri Krams
Research:  NK cell and dendritic cell interactions
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Jean-Pierre Abastado, Singapore

Class of 2009

Peter Ebert
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  Peptide requirements in T cell positive selection
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Genentech

Chris Franco
Mentor:  Stephen Galli
Research:  Methods of single cell analysis to study hematopoiesis, with a focus on myeloid and granulocyte progenitors
Current position:  Director, Portfolio Strategy, Global Portfolio Management, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Erika O'Donnell
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  FACS-based study of aberrant signaling in lymphocytes from tumor-bearing hosts
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Primity Bio

Antastazia Older Aguilar
Mentor:  Peter Parham
Research:  Definitions of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) specificities of rhesus macaque lineage II Killer-cell Immunoglo-bulin-like Receptors (KIR) through protein binding assays.
Current position:  Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Janelle Olson
Mentor: Robert Negrin
Research:  Role of NKG2D in NK cell biology
Current position:  Senior Immunogenetic Specialist, Be the Match, National Marrow Donor Program

Amy Radermacher
Mentor:  Gerald Crabtree
Research:  Identified a new molecule involved in killing aberrant T cells during development
Current position:  Leader & Core Faculty, Digital Capability Center Chicago, McKinsey & Company

Class of 2008

Elena Gallo
Mentor:  Gerald Crabtree
Research:  Intracellular signaling pathways directing development and function of the immune system
Current position:  Assistant Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University

Garrett Heffner
Mentor:  Irving Weissman
Research:  Novel hematopoietic progenitor populations revealed by direct assessment of GATA1 protein expression and cMPL signaling events
Current position:  Director at Audentes Therapeutics

Siddhartha Jaiswal
Mentor:  Irving Weissman
Research:  The consumption of cancer by macrophages
Current position:  Assistant Professor of Pathology, Stanford University

Charay Jennings-Dover
Mentor:  Patricia Jones
Research:  A novel role for calcineurin in the regulation of innate immunity and inflammatory responses.
Current position:  Dermatopathologist and Anatomic Pathologist at Pathology Associates

Achim Moesta

Mentor:  Peter Parham
Research:  Species specific differences in KIR-MHC interaction.
Current position:  Associate Director, Immunology and ImmunOncology, Tizona Therapeutics

Pearline Teo
Mentor: PJ Utz
Research:  IgE and Cancer
Current position:  Global Clinical Research Manager, Dornier MedTech, Research-intensive

Maria Vaysberg
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  Role of latent membrane protein 1 in B cell lymphoma survival and proliferation
Current position:  Senior Principal Scientist, Tizona Therapeutics 

Class of 2007

Donna Flescher
Mentor:  PJ Utz
Research:  Type 1 IFN in the pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Current position:  Principal Scientist, Amgen, Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostics – Oncology; Board of Directors Member

Michael Gleimer
Mentor:  Peter Parham
Research:  Evoluation of the HLA-A*02 peptide specificity in hominoids
Current position:  Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Christopher Haines
Mentor:  Davis Lewis
Research:  Role of surface protein receptor tyrosine kinases lacking catalytic activity in T cell development
Current position:  Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Cornelia Rinderknecht Eller
Mentor:  Elizabeth Mellins
Research:  Influence of invariant chain on antigen presentation
Current position:  Senior Scientific Researcher, Genentech

Class of 2006

Alex Bankovitch
Mentor:  K. Christopher Garcia
Research:  Structural insight into the pre-B cell receptor function
Current position:  Senior Director, Head of Late Stage Research, AbbVie

Steven Chan
Mentor:  PJ Utz
Research:  Development of arrays to study signaling
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

Christine L. Hsieh
Mentor:  Sheri Krams
Research:  NK cell activation during allogeneic liver transplantation
Current position:  Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSF; Principal Investigator, San Francisco VA Medical Center

Eun Mi Hur
Mentor:  Lawrence Steinman
Research:  Regulation of programmed cell death of activated T cells by a cytokine, Osteopontin, mediates relapse of autoimmune disease in the brain
Current position:  Scientist II, Celgene, Summit, New Jersey

Yves Konigshofer
Mentor:  Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  gd T-cell recognition
Current position:  Principal Scientist, SeraCare Life Sciences

Neil Lineberry
Mentor:  C. Garrison Fathman
Research:  Identification of a novel avenue for regulatory T cell activation through regulation of co-stimulatory signals
Current position:  Senior Director, Strategy and Portfolio Management, Gastroenterology Therapeutic Area, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Everett Meyer
Mentor:  Dale Umetsu
Research:  IL gene related allergy
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Med/Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Stanford

Anne Nutt
Mentor:  Ann Arvin
Research:  The role of ORF66 protein in varicella-zoster virus (VZV) replication and pathogenesis
Current position:

Tracy Staton
Mentor:  Eugene Butcher
Research:  The role of chemokines in T cell development using in vitro and in vivo model systems
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Genentech

Erica Taylor
Mentor:  Sheri Krams
Research:  Mutations to Bid cleavage sites protect hepatocytes from death receptor and cell-mediated apoptosis
Current position:  Principal Investigator  Senior Research Scientist, PAVIR

Monte Winslow
Mentor:  Gerald Crabtree
Research:  NF-AT signaling in lymphocyte development
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Genetics and Pathology, Stanford

Class of 2005

Kareem Graham
Mentor: PJ Utz
Research:  Role of interferon in mouse models of autoimmunity
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Second Genome, Inc

Andrew Snow
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  Cell death pathways and EBV
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, Uniformed  Services University of the Health Sciences

Class of 2004

William Carr
Mentor: Peter Parham
Research:  NK cells and CMV infection
Current position:  Associate Professor of Biology, Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York

Rodolfo Chaparro
Mentor:  Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  Etiology of type I diabetes
Current position:  Co-founder and EVP Head of Immunology, Cue Biopharma

Brian Zabel
Mentor:  Eugene Butcher
Research:  Determing the role of CCR9/TECK in intestinal lymphocyte homecoming
Current position:  Principal Investigator  Senior Research Scientist, PAVIR

Class of 2003

Julie Christensen
Mentor: Irving Weissman
Research:  Mechanisms and mediators of hematopoietic stem cell fate
Current position:  Group Leader, Cell Biology, Cellerant Therapeutics

Jason DeVoss
Mentor: Lawrence Steinman
Research:  The role of allergy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Amgen

Stacie Lambert
Mentor:  Ronald Levy
Research:  Idiotype vaccines for the therapy of B cell lymphoma in murine model
Current position: Senior Scientist, Translational Sciences, MedImmune

Class of 2002

Lauren Ehrlich
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Selection of TCR transgenic T cells Visualization of temporal & spatial recruitment of signaling molecules to the T cell: APC interface
Current position:  Associate Professor of Molecular Biosciences, University of Texas at Austin

Marcos Garcia-Ojeda
Mentor: Samuel Strober
Research:  Donor cell facilitation of tolerance
Current position:  Associate Professor of Teaching,University of California, Merced

Irene Ruiz
Mentor: C. Garrison Fathman
Research:  Gene therapy of diabetes
Current position:  Officer, Limak Partners, LLC

Colleen Sheridan
Mentor: Phyllis Gardner
Research:  Multiple kinase regulation of the nuclear factor of activated T cells
Current position:  Adjunct Professor at North Seattle College

Heather Shilling
Mentor: Peter Parham
Research:  NK cells in marrow transplantation
Current position:  Unknown

Aaron Warnock
Mentor: Eugene Butcher
Research:  Chemokines in Lymphocyte Endothelial Cell Recognition
Current position:  Director, Partner Solutions and Coremetrics, Inc, San Mateo, CA

Tony Yao
Mentor: Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  Yersinia infection and T and B cell
Current position:  Portfolio Manager at Arrowmark Partners

Class of 2001

Devavani Chatterjea
Mentor: Samuel Strober
Research:  Regulation of mast cell and basophil development
Current position:  Associate Professor of Biology, Macalester College; Director, Program in Community and Global Health, Macalester College

Samuel Cheshier
Mentor: Irving Weissman
Research:  Cell Cycle Kinetics of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Prospective Separation of Brain  Tumor Stem Cells
Current position:  Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and, by courtesy, Neurology, Stanford University

Michael Curran
Mentor: Garry Nolan
Research:  Retroviral lentiviral vecture tumor immunology
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Scientific Director, ORBIT Platform

Ellen Foo
Mentor: Garry Nolan
Research:  The role of memory in leukocyte navigation
Current position:  Chief Medical Officer at Cydan Development, Inc.

Ellen Foxman
Mentor: Eugene Butcher
Research:  The role of memory in leukocyte navigation
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine 

Joon Rhee
Mentor: Joseph Lipsick
Research:  T cell abnormalities of Ela-Pbx transgenic mice
Current position:  Director of Clinical Research/Combination Development Lead

Vaughn Smider
Mentor: Gilbert Chu
Research:  Role of Ku in V(D)J recombination
Current position:  Associate Professor, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA; CSO, Sevion Therapeutics

Kristin Tarbell
Mentor: Hugh McDevitt
Research:  Role of MHC Class II polymorphisms in autoimmunity
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Amgen

David Traver
Mentor: Irving Weissman
Research:  Normal and Neoplastic Maturation from a Common Myeloid Progenitor
Current position:  Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UC San Diego

Jennifer Wilshier
Mentor: Leonore Herzenberg
Research:  Cis-regulation of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region expression in the B-1 repertoire
Current position:  Senior Lab Manager, STEMCELL Technologies, Canada

Class of 2000

Stephen R. Biggar
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Current position:  Partner, Baker Brothers, LLC; Chairman of the Board of Directors, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, 

Jen-tsan Chi
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Molecular mechanisms of plasma cell differentiation
Current position:  Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University 

Gina Costa
Mentor: C. Garrison Fathman
Research:  Gene therapy and vector development
Current position:  Vice President, Research and Development, Roswell Biotechnologies 

Richard Dal Canto
Mentor: C. Garrison Fathman
Research:  Va use in NOD IDDM
Current position:  Orthopedic Surgeon, Salt Lake City, UT

Ann Herman
Mentor: Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  Diabetogenic T cells
Current position:  Associate Director/Senior Scientist, Genentech

Katharine Kripke
Mentor: Garry Nolan
Research:  TF-II-I/Rel and the initiators of HIV-1
Current position:  Senior Policy Analyst, Avenir Health

Class of 1999

Michelle Boytim
Mentor: Carol Clayberger
Research:  Inhibition of cell cycle procession by a synthetic peptide to a region of HLA Class II
Current position:  Clinical Program Manager, Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

Noma Collins
Mentor: Joseph Lipsick
Research:  Myb-associated proteins
Current position:  Deceased 

Michael Crowley
Mentor: Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  gd T-cell recognition
Current position:  Global Head of Innovation Partnering, Roche, Basel, Switzerland 

Ernest Hope
Mentor: Robert Negrin
Research:  Immune modulation of non-classical MHC I restricted T lymphocyte and natural killer cell cytotoxicity by Heat Shock Protein 47
Current position:  CEO, CCTC Hamburg; CEO, AmeReGen BioPharmaceuticals INC SPC  

Allan Kaspar
Mentor: Allan Krensky
Research:  T cell genes
Current position:  Vice President Research and Development, AveXis Inc 

John Ladasky
Mentor: Peter Parham
Research:  Structure and function of B2-microglobulin proteins in the owl monkey (Aotus)
Current position:  Owner, Blind Watchmaker LLC; Research Scientist, International Technological University (ITU)

Susan Prohaska
Mentor: Jane Parnes
Research:  Function of CD45 and CD8 T cell development
Current position:  Clinical Development, Program and Alliance Management Consultant, Associate Director, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, Forty Seven, Inc. 

Class of 1998

Srinivas Akkaraju
Mentor: Christopher Goodnow
Research:  Tolerance and autoimmunity in Transgenic HEL
Current position:  Managing General Partner, Samsara BioCapital

Felix Baker
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Diabetes in NOD m’ll mice
Current position:  Managing Partner, Baker Brothers Investments 

Kristin Baldwin
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Thymocyte development-identification of peptides involved in thymic selection of TCR transgenic T cells
Current position:  Associate Professor of Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience Department, DOrris Neuroscience Center,The Scripps Research Institute 

Kimberley Gandy
Mentor: Irving Weissman
Research:  Identification and characterization of cells within whole bone marrow that enhance engraftment of hematopoietic stem cells across allogeneic barriers
Current position:  Professor of Biology, Hamline University  

Jodi Goldberg
Mentor: Carol Clayberger
Research:  Effects of synthetic peptides derived from linear human leukocyte antigen class I sequences on cytotoxic T lymphocyte function
Current position:  Vice President Research and Development, AveXis Inc 

Dennis Hanson
Mentor: Allan Krensky
Research:  Functional studies of 519 (Granulysin), a human late T cell activation molecule
Current position:  Senior Manager, CoMotion Innovation Development, University of Washington, 

James Healy
Mentor: Christopher Goodnow
Research:  Self-determination:  Studies of positive and negative signaling in C lymphocytes
Current position:  Managing General Partner, Sofinnova Ventures, San Francisco 

Elisabeth Kerr
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  The role of immune system on Yersinia pseudotuberdulosis susceptibility in mice
Current position:  Integration Leader, Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Dewey Kim
Mentor: C. Garrison Fathman
Research:  Effects of T cell affinity on T cell activation
Current position:  Vice President, Hall Capital Partners, LLC 

Dan Lyons
Mentor: Mark Davis
Research:  Affinity of T cell receptor energy and function
Current position:  Equity Research Analyst, Janus  

Anne Macauley
Mentor: Dale Umetsu
Research:  The role of B cell antigen presentation in the development of T helper cells
Current position:  Owner, On Good Behavior, LLC 

Colleen Woo
Mentor: Joseph Lipsick
Research:  Alternatively spliced forms of c-Myb
Current position:  Disease Area Manager, Oncology, Oncology Resource Group

Class of 1997

Christopher Fanger
Mentor: Richard Lewis
Research:  Fate decisions in natural killer cell development
Current position:  Biotechnologist at Yale Center for Molecular Discovery 

Class of 1996

Thomas Chen
Mentor: Ronald Levy
Research:  Somatic mutation and B cell malignancy
Current position:  Physician, Stanford Cancer Center  South Bay; South Bay Oncology Hematology Partners; O’Connor Hospital  

Gregory Frank
Mentor: Jane Parnes
Research:  Function and develop-mental consequences of mutated CD4 and CD8 genes in transgenic mice
Current position:  Instructor, Strategic Business Development, UCSC Extension Silicon Valley 

Jason Marshall
Mentor: Dalte Umetsu
Research:  Development of  human and mouse in vitro models and mouse and primate in vivo models to gauge the immuno-genicity of numerous vaccines
Current position:  Senior Scientist in Vaccinology, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research 

Sean Morrison
Mentor: Irving Weissman
Research:  Heterogeneity of HSC:  Characterization of hematopoietic stem cells
Current position:  Biotechnologist at Yale Center for Molecular Discovery 

Benjamin Ortiz
Mentor: Allan Krensky
Research:  Transcriptional activators
Current position:  Professor of Biology, Hunter College, NY 

Jeffrey Rathmell
Mentor: Christopher Goodnow
Research:  B cell tolerance and autoimmunity in lpr Fas-deficient mice
Current position:  Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology; Associate Director of Vanderbilt Institute of Infection, Immunology and Inflammation; Coleader of Molecular Pathology and Immunology PhD training program  

William Robinson
Mentor: Jane Parnes
Research:  Polymorphism and expression of the mouse B cell surface CD72 and molecular cloning of a potential ligand
Current position:  Associate Professor of Medicine (Immunology and Rheumatology) Stanford; Staff Physician, VA Palo Alto 

Class of 1995

Cecelia Pearson
Mentor: Hugh McDevitt
Research:  Role of MHC Class II polymorphisms in autoimmunity (AND) antigens, MHC genes and T cell receptors in experimental allergenic encephalomyetis
Current position:  Biotechnology Consultant, Cecelia Pearson Consulting 

Class of 1994

Andrew T. Serafini
Mentor: Leonard Herzenberg
Research:  Molecular biology of T cell activation
Current position:  Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, LLP