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  • – Scope

    Understanding the biological clock of pregnancy

    Stanford scientists have built a detailed picture of the biological clock of pregnancy, tracking thousands of metabolic markers throughout gestation. Michael Snyder, the Stanford W. Ascherman, MD, FACS, Professor and chair of genetics, is co-senior author of the study and is quoted in this post.

  • – Scope

    The race for a COVID-19 vaccine: What's ahead

    In the latest 1:2:1 podcast hosted by Paul Costello, senior communications strategist and advisor, Bali Pulendran, the Violetta L. Horton Professor and professor of pathology and of microbiology and immunology, describes the race to develop an effective vaccine for COVID-19.

  • – The New York Times

    A Single Session of Exercise Alters 9,815 Molecules in Our Blood

    Researchers at the School of Medicine have shown how exercise changes the body at a molecular level and have identified blood markers of fitness. Co-senior author Michael Snyder, the Stanford W. Ascherman, MD, FACS, Professor and chair of genetics, is quoted here.

  • – The Stanford Daily

    Interdisciplinary scientific collaboration at Stanford: Developing an antibody test for COVID-19 | The Stanford Daily

    This piece highlights the efforts of Stanford researchers to develop an antibody test for COVID-19 and profiles the work of Scott Boyd, associate professor of pathology; Jennifer Cochran, the Shriram Professor and chair of the Department of Bioengineering; Peter Kim, professor of biochemistry; and Ted Jardetzky, professor of structural biology.

  • – Science Times

    Stanford Bioengineers Manipulated Molecules to Create Proteins That Fight Off Cancer and Recreate Neurons

    In a new study led by Jennifer Cochran, the Shriram Chair of the Department of Bioengineering, researchers were able to adjust a single molecule in slightly different ways to produce two varying results, which could eventually lead to bioengineering proteins for cancer treatment and other diseases.