Message from the Director

Stanford Immunology condemns the senseless violence and acts of racism directed at Black people, and we stand in strong solidarity with our Black trainees and colleagues. We see the deep-rooted systemic racism and the pain that it brings to people of color. These injustices are not new but have festered in our society and academic institutions for far too long. We commit to work within our immediate community and beyond to create an environment of inclusion, tolerance, and equity for all.

These changes will surely require that we continue to have difficult conversations, to reach out to each other, to listen, but also to look inward and to take the initiative to self-educate on how we can each contribute to bringing about change. While we have made strides in improving the diversity of our trainees we recognize that is not enough. We pledge to work towards making Stanford Immunology a place where every person feels safe, supported, and thrives.

Black Lives Matter.

Olivia Martinez, PhD
Director of Stanford Immunology

Letter from Sam Cheshier to Stanford

Sam Cheshier, MD, PhD completed the immunology program in 2005 and is currently the  Director of the Pediatric Surgical Neuro-Oncology at University of Utah Medical School. The events surrounding the murder of George Floyd prompted him to relate his thoughts on the issue. With a preface from Professor Irv Weissman, read Sam's letter here. 

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