Incubator for Medical Mixed and Extended Reality at Stanford

Mixed-reality is a subset of Augmented Reality (AR) whereby virtual and real objects are visible and interact.  IMMERS is an initiative to enable medical applications of AR, particularly those where patient data (images, measurements, interventional plans) are projected onto the patient's body.  We aim to bring together researchers and physicians primarily in the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, but across the entire Stanford Campus and work with Industry partners to envision, enable and enact solutions to real challenges in healthcare.  Furthermore, we work to link numerous AR and virtual reality (VR) groups across campus for efficient collaboration.

Bruce Daniel MD  (Director)
Professor, Radiology
and Bioengineering

Brian Hargreaves PhD  
Professor, Radiology,
Electrical Engineering 
and Bioengineering

Contact Information

Lucas Center for Imaging 
1201 Welch Rd, Stanford, CA 94305-5488

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