Outline: Immunology

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Information on this site pertains to MD students who matriculated in the 2006-2007 academic year or later. All other students matriculating prior to 2006 should refer to their year's specific Guide to the Scholarly Concentrations for more information.


David Miklos, MD, PhD

Objectives and Goals

Immunology is an application area in the Scholarly Concentration program that introduces students to immunology research and scholarship.  Working with internationally recognized experts, students can become involved in projects in any of the major areas of immunology, from basic cellular and molecular immunology, to translational areas, including:  allergy, autoimmunity, microbial immunity, tumor immunology, transplantation immunology, and vaccine development.  .


Students who pursue Immunology are required to complete a total of 6 units which may be fulfilled by attending two courses: Translational Immunology (IMM 209, 1 unit per quarter) and/or the Immunology Research Seminar for Medical Students (IMM 210 - 2 units per quarter). These units may be distributed throughout the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters.

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