Program Description

Students in the Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine Scholarly Concentration may focus on a broad variety of topics whose common theme is computational exploitation of large/complex data,  from developments in basic biology, which require the use of technology to manage, analyze and understand the data, and develop these into new approaches to health care, to the management of patient information, knowledge representation leading to decision support in the clinical environment. Specific areas of investigation include topics such as: decision-support systems, integrated workstations, knowledge acquisition, image analysis, image processing and feature analysis, speech input, pen-based computing, medical records, computational biology, biological sequence analysis, biological 3D structure representation, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, genomics, collaborative technologies, network-based representation and retrieval of biomedical information and literature, medical imaging, reasoning under uncertainty, controlled terminologies for medicine and biology, technology assessment, and health-services research.

Graduate Degree Programs

  • MD/MS - a five- to six-year program depending on your background. You are expected to complete all the requirements for the Original Research Track. The IDDM MS program requires additional proficiency in Computer Science, Probability and Statistics, Social Policy, and Ethics. Please see the IDDM curriculum webpage for the requirements for the MS.
  • MD/PhD - a seven- to eight-year program. You should have fulfilled all the requirements for the classes if you have completed the MS program and will go on to a research project leading to a dissertation.