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ABC7 chronicles one story of an athlete turned victim of CFS

A once athletic teenager found herself exhausted after a case of mono. Kelsey Vischer's active life stopped until she was directed to Stanford's Dr. Montoya, whom has challenged the medical society as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being a "real" disease. 

Need no fear for antibacterial agent in consumer household products

Triclosan is an antibacterial ingredient found in toothpastes, soaps, detergents, some cosmetics—even toys and more.

However, consumers have been worried for 50 years how might this chemical disrupt the body's hormones in the longterm—so much so that manufacturers removed this agent from store shelves.

But a NIH-funded study by Dr. Julie Parsonnet and her team showed no significant effects to the body when exposed to triclosan-laden products.

Abstinence for hindering HIV isn't an effective method

Aimed at preventing the spread of HIV was the U.S. government's agenda for Africa the past decade under the PEPFA (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief).

But researchers at Stanford did not see a correlation between promoting abstinence and prevention.

Dr. Eran Bendavid comments further in this NPR article.

The Annual Thomas C. Merigan Jr. Lecture

Presenting Dr. Peter Piot, who visited us in April

Each year the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine hosts the Thomas C. Merigan, Jr. Lecture. This endowed lectureship is in honor of Dr. Merigan, Professor Emeritus, and the former Chief of the division of Infectious Diseases at Stanford.

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