Research in Progress (RIP) Seminar


We are making some changes to RIP this year.  Instead of weekly seminars, we will only have events on select dates.


Select Fridays, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

CHP/PCOR Conference Room
117 Encina Commons

If you have questions please feel free to contact:
Corinna Haberland, MD, MS
Dept. of Health Research and Policy
T138A, Redwood Bldg.
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 498-5232 or

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title of Talk
4/21 Eric Sun, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Pain, and Perioperative Medicine

Billing Irregularities by Health Care Providers: Evidence from Anesthesia (Abstract)


M. Kate Bundorf, MBA, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Research and Policy

Maria Polyakova, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Research and Policy

Ming Tai-Seale, PhD, MPH
Senior Investigator at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Research Institute

Cheryl Stults, PhD
Research Sociologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute

The Effects of Expert Recommendations on Health Insurance Choices: Evidence from a Randomized, Controlled Trials (Abstract)

Please note: All research in progress seminars are off-the-record. Any information about methodology and/or results is embargoed until publication.

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