Master of Science Degree in Health Policy

Master's Students

Harris Carmichael attended Medical College of Georgia for his MD, graduating Alpha Omega Alpha.  Harris and his wife Chelsea moved to Salt Lake City for hsi residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Utah.  After completing residency, he stayed in Salt Lake City to serve as a Chief Medical Resident.  It was at the University of Utah where he first gained interest in best practice utilization and methods for education in Evidenced Based Clinical Practice.  He plans to continue research in Implementation and Care Delivery Science while stdying the individual and institutional barriers to best practice utilization.

Divya Parikh received her medical degree from Boston University where she graduated Alpha Omega Alpha and completed Internal Medicine residency at Stanford University. She is a Oncology fellow at Stanford with an interest in health services research. She has studied disparities to access to cancer care at the city hospital in Boston and while at Stanford for residency and fellowship she initiated a multi-institution study of “financial toxicity” evaluating the financial burden of cancer care. She is interested in addressing the rising cost of cancer care and evaluating how cost impacts the care of vulnerable populations.

Stacie Vilendrer received her MD/MBA at Stanford.  She is keenly interested in moving healthcare systems towards value-based reimbursement models and believes this will mitigate much fo the ballooning costs in healthcare.  She is also interested in optimizing electronic medical record design and better understanding how technology and articicial intelligence can improve healthcare's "quadruple aim" of improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and improving the patient and physician experience.

Kirbi Yelorda attended University of Missouri-Kansas City where she completed the 6-year BA/MD program. She then moved to California to begin her General Surgery residency training program and Stanford University. Kirbi's research interests in include diversity in the physician workforce, specifically medical pipeline programs and barriers underrepresented minority students face when pursuing healthcare careers.

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