Health Research and Policy

Research in Progress Seminar (RIP)

Date: November 7, 2012
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: CHP/PCOR Conference Room
117 Encina Commons, Room 119, Stanford
Speaker: Tina Hernandez-Boussard, PhD
Assistant Professor (Research) of Surgery
Title: Prioritizing Quality Improvement Efforts in Surgery


Health services research has the potential to transform global health care through the study of the relationship between a populationís health and its resources. Accordingly, in the US there are mounting efforts to monitor and improve quality of patient care and safety. Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) were developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) as a set of references to assess potential in-hospital adverse events. Surgical subspecialties offer an ideal setting to study PSIs, as processes and outcomes are closely related. The goal of this project is to establish national trends in health care quality in surgical subspecialties, identify areas of priority, and determine predictors of quality of care using administrative data. The national quality of inpatient health care services in surgical subspecialties has not been assessed. Particularly lacking are rigorous evaluations of trends in adverse events by specialty. As certain surgical subspecialties account for a disproportionate share of adverse outcomes, the examination of PSIs in surgical subspecialties will identify areas with potential large impacts on public health. These data will provide a foundation for hospitals to focus their surgical quality improvement efforts, hospitals can rank their overall quality improvement performance and identify opportunities for improvement, and models can suggest areas in surgery that are predictive of poor quality of care and therefore merit focus.

Please note: All research in progress seminars are off-the-record. Any information about methodology and/or results are embargoed until publication.
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