Radiotherapeutics Imaging Group

Welcome to the Radiotherapeutics Imaging Group. Our team (PI: Dimitre Hristov) develops novel imaging systems and applications for advancing radiotherapeutics in research and clinical practice. We seek to design and implement new solutions that integrate and translate advanced technologies into innovative applications. With a focus on addressing clinical and research challenges, we strive to leverage expertise across clinical and technological domains, collaborating with researchers and groups from Electrical Engineering, BioRobotics, Radiology, Neurosurgery, and Neuroradiology. 

Group News

Our work titled Molecular Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound for Detection of Radiation-Induced Inflammation in Healthy Organs was published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics on October 31, 2016. 

Congratulations to Ahmed El Kaffas for his incredible talk placing in top three at the Young Investigator Symposium in May 2017!

  • 3D Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of Liver Metastases from Gastrointestinal Tumors: First-in-Human Assessment of Feasibility and Reproducibility
  • Clinical Evaluation of Real-Time Optical Tracking to Provide Feedback During Blinded Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging 

Congratulations to Jeff Schlosser for his work Radiolucent 4D Ultrasound Imaging: System Design and Application to Radiotherapy Guidance which was published in IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging in October 2016.

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