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Talent Development at Stanford Medicine

Active Programs

Virtual Onboarding

Are you looking to virtually onboard staff in the new year?  Check out this video from our Manager of Recruiting Services, Sharon Carroll as she shares tips and tricks she's learned over her tenure and how they apply to the Stanford Community.

Leadership Program Interest List

Are you looking to transition from Individual Contributor to Manager?  Take the first step with this course centered around building awareness.  After conducting two pilots in 2020, feedback and course participation will be reviewed to determine the need for a permanent offering.  Fill out the interest form by following the link below if you would like to be the first notified if/when this course becomes available. 

Martial Arts for the Mind

Gain clarity of mind and an increased capacity to meet and overcome life’s challenges. This training provides both physiological and cognitive techniques to overcome the negative impacts of stress—and to increase our capacity to bounce back from adversity. Navy Seals use these techniques to calm intense fear before combat. Actors and athletes use them to enhance performance under pressure. Learn how to stop the stress response before it arises, and to find effective ways to release it once present. 

Supervisory Academy

The School of Medicine Supervisory Academy strives to prepare and develop newly promoted and new to Stanford supervisors at all levels in their careers.  Become a more effective and successful leader as we share best practices and identify solutions as you manage your teams.  Utilize case studies and role playing in order to increase leadership confidence and expertise.