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Clinical Summer Internship

Stanford University

The Clinical Summer Internship is a 2 week intensive course is led by Hospitalist Dr. Sarita Khemani.  This program is open to highly motivated rising high school juniors, seniors, and undergraduate premed students.  The course was created to empower students with the knowledge to plan for a career in medicine.  Sessions are led by Stanford faculty, current medical students, residents and medical school admissions officer.  Engaging lectures provide a glimpse into different specialties while interaction with standardized patients help students learn the art of diagnosis and treatment.  Students are also exposed to the state of the are Center of Immersive and Simulation-based Learning where they receive hands-on experiences such as performing bedside ultrasounds, anatomy lab dissections, suturing, and splinting.

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Stanford ValleyCare

Stanford Healthcare Valleycare Clinical Academy - 2020 2-week program for pre-medical high school juniors and seniors designed to educate and energize future doctors. We wish to provide opportunities for students to gain insight and solidify their interests in the world of medicine.