Joining the Hiesinger Lab

The Hiesinger lab welcomes postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, residents, medical students, undergraduates, and technicians to join the lab. Lab members will be regularly exposed to:

  • 1) Basic science techniques related to tissue culture, histology, and molecular analyses;
  • 2) Cardiac surgery and anesthesia for small and large animals; and
  • 3) Echocardiography and advanced radiology modalities (e.g. cardiac MRI) to include computer modeling of heart flow and function.
  • 4) Protein drug therapeutics to increase angiogenisis in heart tissue to include the development and clinical trials of the efficacy of current and future protein drugs

Lab members are encouraged to attend weekly seminars relating to Frontiers in Cardiovascular Research and the Heart Failure Management Conferences. The skills and knowledge gained in the lab are applicable to those interested in research, medicine, or veterinary medicine.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship are encouraged to email a CV and letter of interest to Dr. Hiesinger Please see the Stanford Postdoctoral Scholars website for general information about postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford.

Graduate Students

PhD students are welcome from a variety of programs, including Bioengineering and Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Stanford Combined Biosciences PhD program. Students already enrolled in a Biosciences PhD program at Stanford who are interested in a rotation in the Hiesinger lab can email Dr. Hiesinger.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates in the lab work closely with a postdoctoral fellow or PhD student mentor. Undergraduates should be focused on gaining important skills for future PhD studies, medical studies, or veterinary studies. Students are encouraged to participate in full-time summer research. Interested undergraduate students can email Dr. Hiesinger for more information.


Job availability for technical staff positions in the Hiesinger lab are posted on the job portal website. Interested applicants should submit a CV, letter of interest, and three references through the job portal.