Research & Clinical Trials

A. Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Aging

Dr. Henderson’s research occurs within the broad area of the population health sciences.  His research interests include risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, risk factors for cognitive decline during normal aging, and therapeutic strategies to maintain and improve cognitive abilities during aging and dementia.  His current research includes trials for the treatment of dementia in people with Alzheimer’s disease and for the improvement of cognitive decline in older people without dementia.  One risk factor of particular concern is the effect of steroid hormones on brain function in aging and in Alzheimer’s disease.  Another pertains to different forms of mental and physical activity, which many believe could influence the course of cognitive aging.  Prior to coming to Stanford, Dr. Henderson directed an NIH Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center clinical core and co-directed a state of California Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

B. Women’s Health and Cognition

Dr. Henderson’s research interests are the prevention and treatment of age-related cognitive decline and dementia.  A major focus of these interests occurs in the context of adult women’s health and the population health sciences.  He is a member of the International Menopause Society executive committee and is past president of the North American Menopause Society.  In these roles, his goal is to help advance information, education, and research on women’s health in midlife and beyond, bringing to bear expertise in epidemiology, cognitive aging, and brain disorders.

C. Clinical Trials

ACE-Seniors (Activities for Cognitive Enhancement of Seniors) Recruiting.
Description: Cognitive aging and cognitive decline are important public health concerns in an aging US population. We will conduct a randomized controlled trail among healthy older adults to assess effects of several innovative activities on remediation of age-related cognitive decline. Funding: NIH AG034639, NCT 01094509.

Raloxifene for women with Alzheimer's disease Active, not recruiting.
Description: This is a multisite pilot randomized trial of raloxifene or placebo for the treatment of women with Alzheimer's disease. Funding: NIH AG0230038, NCT00368459.  Primary trial results are published at PMID: 26537053.   

ELITE: Early versus Late Intervention Trial with Estradiol (ELITE), cognitive supplement.  Active, University of Southern California.
Description: This randomized clinical trial examines cognitive effects of oral estradiol compared to placebo in healthy women in two strata: early postmenopause or late postmenopause.  Funding: NIH AG024154, NCT 00114517.

Women’s Isoflavone Soy Health (WISH) trial, cognitive supplement.  Completed.
Description: This randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 350 healthy postmenopausal women examined cognitive effects of daily isoflavone-rich soy protein supplements administered over a 2.5 year period.  Findings provided Class I evidence that long-term dietary supplementation with isoflavone-rich soy protein does not improve global cognition of healthy postmenopausal women.  In specified secondary analyses, supplementation improved one aspect of episodic memory (visual memory) but did not improve performance on tests assessing aspects of executive functions.  Funding: NIH AT001653, NCT00118846.  Primary trial results are published at PMID: 22665144.

Research & Clinical Trials

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