Faculty Engagements

Ami Bhatt, MD, PhD, to co-chair new Cold Spring Harbor meeting on Microbiome


It is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as our Researcher of the Year (ROY) and winner of the ECNM Medal and Trophy 2019 for developing KIT-targeting treatment concepts in mastocytosis from bench to bedside.  

- Dr. Peter Valent, Medical University of Vienna

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Stanford Division of Hematology, a dynamic center for basic and translational research, clinical trials, patient care, and teaching. Our physicians, scientists, staff, and trainees collaborate to advance the understanding and treatment of hematologic disorders, all with the goal of improving outcomes for patients with these diseases. In pursuit of this objective, we engage with the broader Stanford community to bring innovation to our efforts.

Over the last 20 years, multiple novel therapies have resulted in significant clinical advances for hematologic diseases, and Stanford investigators have played key roles in their development, including imatinib for CML, ibrutinib for CLL, midostaurin for mast cell disease, and many others. Our clinicians have expertise in a broad range of hematologic disorders including acute and chronic leukemias, myeloproliferative neoplasms, myelodysplastic syndromes, multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, thrombotic diseases, coagulation disorders, and general hematology.

Ravi Majeti, MD, PhD

The basic and translational research efforts of the division have led to fundamental discoveries in areas as diverse as leukemia & stem cells, genomics, thrombosis, telomere & cancer biology, and the microbiome. Our passionate faculty members have mentored and trained leaders in the field of hematology and are committed to attract the next generation of leading physicians and research scientists. We invite you to learn more about us through our website.

Recent Publications

Jin, CLS, Drs. Baker, Hall, Gombar, and Adelaide Bao, and Dr. Zehnder on Whole-Blood Impedance Aggregometry for Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia   

John Baird, MD, Jason Gotlib, MD, MS on recent developments in the treatment of advanced systemic mastocytosis (advSM) with inhibitors of the KIT receptor tyrosine kinase.

Yurkiewicz, Simon, Liedtke, Dahl and Dunn authors Effect of Fitbit and iPad Wearable Technology in Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients

Faculty Features

From "“off-off-Broadway,” singing – and recording a demo – with a band," how Dr. "Dunn found her way back to her childhood love — medicine."

Dr. Gabriel Mannis is a hematologist/oncologist specializing in the management of acute leukemia and other hematologic malignancies. A former Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholar, Dr. Mannis joins the division this month (April 2019).

The Schrier Fellow Scholar Award (SFSA) was created to honor the outstanding career and achievements of Dr. Stanley Schrier.

As a child, Ami Bhatt, MD, PhD (assistant professor, Hematology, and assistant professor, Genetics), found herself drawn to science.