Current Members

Aida Habtezion, MD, MSc
Principle Investigator
Ballinger-Swindells Endowed Scholar

Dr. Habtezion's current research addresses leukocyte recruitment and immune responses in diseases affecting the digestive organs. Dr. Habtezion obtained her medical degree from McMaster University, completed an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Western Ontario, a Gastroenterology Fellowship at the University of Toronto, and a post doctoral research fellowship at Stanford University. Her research is supported by foundation and National Institutes of Health grants.

Stanford CAP Profile

Stanford Bio-X Profile

ChEM-H Institute Fellow



Laren Becker, MD, PhD    


•Project – The role of macrophages in GI motility and aging

•Member 2012 – Present

Sid Sinha, MD    

•Assistant Professor

•Project – Topical and novel therapies in ulcerative colitis

•Member 2012 – Present

Nielsen Fernandez-Becker, MD, PhD    

•Clinical Assistant Professor

•Project  – Immune pathways and responses in Celiac disease

•Member 2012 – Present

Qinglan Zhao, PhD  


•Project – Inflammatory pathways in acute and chronic pancreatitis

•Member 2016 – Present

Yeneneh Haileselassie, PhD    

  • Post Doc
  • Project - Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Member 2017 - Present

Estelle Spear, PhD

  • Postdoc
  • Project - ENS and inflammation
  • Member 2017 - Present


Murli Manohar


Project - Pancreatitis

Member 2018 - Present


“Yoni” Samuel Rubin    

•PhD Student, Immunology

•Project – Single-cell immune profiling in IBD

•Co-mentor: William Robinson, MD, PhD

•Member 2016 – Present

Lawrence Bai

PhD Student, Immunology

Co-mentor: Purvesh Khatri, PhD

Member 2017 - Present

Yujun Yang    

•Research assistant

•Member 2016 – Present

David Nguyen

-Research Assistant

-Member 2011 - Present


Yi Wei    


•Research Assistant

•Member 2011 – 2013 and 2016 – Present

Andres Gottfried Blackmore, MD, PhD

-Gastroenterology Fellow and Postdoc
-Enteric nervous system and IBD

Hong NamKoong, PhD


-Project- Enteric nervous system and IBD

-Member 2016-Present

Bomi Lee, PhD


Project- Inflammatory pathways in acute and chronic pancreatitis

Member 2016-Present