Olivia Borge
Human Biology/Science Technology & Society
Class of 2016

My name is Olivia Borge and I am a student at Stanford University, expecting to graduate in 2016 with a BA degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Health Interventions and a BS degree in Science, Technology and Society with a concentration in Innovation and Organization. As a native Hawaiian, my local community has been greatly affected by diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic illnesses. Eagerness to help my community and family has motivated me to pursue a career in health care.

Interning with Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC) has given me a unique perspective on the urgent and persistent health need within our communities. Stanford Health 4 All (H4A) has proven that education is one of the most effective ways to prevent chronic disease. It is an honor to witness the real change being created by this program. I am constantly inspired by the passion and dedication of its fellows and staff. Like Stanford H4A, it is my goal to cultivate powerful interventions that can make real differences in our local communities.