2014 Cohort - Reflections

"There are so many reasons I am grateful that I participated in the first cohort of Health 4 America. However for the sake of brevity I will choose two. First, is the opportunity to have worked with my community partner, InnVision Shelter Network in helping create and then participate in a mentoring program for unhoused at the Opportunity Services Center in Palo Alto, in addition to creating health and wellness workshops for this clientele. This has opened the door to a new world and I look forward to continuing to mentor my mentee and be involved as a volunteer with IVSN for the foreseeable future.

Second, networking with the staff, faculty and students at H4A in addition to engaging with the curriculum has built the perfect bridge for me to begin an encore career in health and wellness or medicine ideally at Stanford."

Laura Becker-Lewke, H4A Fellow 2014 

"When I applied for Health 4 America, I was motivated to find the new magic, state-of-the-art knowledge that would help me change the course of chronic disease in the United States and the world. Like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, I was looking for the magical key that could change everything.

In the course of the last nine months, I have come to appreciate that I am still very much a simple Padawan and that changing the world is not as simple as waving a wand and saying the magic words.

So I'd like to say thank you to the Jedi Masters who have provided so much illumination.

To Randy Stafford, the sage master who also shares a love of triathlon.

To Christopher Gardner, the guru of the stealth intervention.

To Jodi Prochaska, who makes behavior models comprehensible.

To Sanjay Basu, who cut through masses of data to provide insight and showed there is no Spock.

To Lisa Goldman Rosas, a motivating teacher and mentor with a passion for helping underserved communities.

To Sonoo Thadaney and Cati Brown-Johnson who showed that moviemaking in a fog is the natural course of life.

To my community partners: Elidia Contreras Tafoya who connected me with the community, to Rick Sutton whose generous contributions made the intervention possible, and to Rafael Avendamo who welcomed me to the Siena Youth Center.

Finally, thanks to my study partner of over 40 years, Laura, who was there every step of the way and who makes this all worthwhile."

Reynold Lewke, H4A Fellow 2014