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Service Rates

Below is a list of our pricing and most common run configurations.  Other run configurations are available upon request; please contact us for more information.

Illumina Services

Illumina Library Preparation

Base library prices are listed here.  There are discounts for bulk submissions (more samples = greater discount), which can be seen by selecting the appropriate tab that corresponds with your number of samples.  Prices listed are for the library preparation only, sequencing is a separate charge as outlined in the sequencing section.

Library Type Price Per Sample
TruSeq Stranded mRNA $120
TruSeq Stranded Total RNA $180
NEBNext Ultra II Directional mRNA $110
NEBNext Ultra II Directional Total RNA $160
Nextera DNA Flex $60
Trio RNA-Seq $150
Universal Plus mRNA-Seq $75
Ovation SoLo RNA-Seq $120
Library Type Price Per Sample
10X Chromium Genome V2 $830
10X Chromium Single Cell 3' V2 $1,775
10X Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution (IPS) V2 $1,800
Library Type Samples Price Per Sample
Nextera XT (Fluidigm C1 protocol) 96 $30
Nextera XT WGS Metagenomics 16 $90
TruSeq DNA Methylation 12 $300
Fragment Analyzer DNA 10 $11
Fragment Analyzer RNA 10 $11
Qubit dsDNA HS Assay 10 $9
Qubit dsDNA BR Assay 10 $9
Qubit RNA HS Assay 10 $9
Kapa Quant qPCR - $12


Illumina Sequencing

Platform Run Type Price Per Lane Average Read Output
MiSeq 1x50 bp $1,600 12-15 Million Reads
2x75 bp $1,600 22-25 Million Reads
2x100 bp $1,750 12-15 Million Reads
2x150 bp $1,750 12-15 Million Reads
2x250 bp $1,900 12-15 Million Reads
2x300 bp $2,200 22-25 Million Reads
HiSeq 4000 2x100 bp $2,500 250-400 Million Reads
2x150 bp $2,900 250-400 Million Reads
NovaSeq 6000 SP 2x150 bp* $3,600 325-400 Million Reads
S1 2x100 bp* $5,300 750-800 Million Reads
S1 2x150 bp* $5,950 750-800 Million Reads
S2 2x100 bp $8,800 1650-2050 Million Reads
S2 2x150 bp $10,100 1650-2050 Million Reads
S4 2x100 bp $8,100 2000-2500 Million Reads
S4 2x150 bp $9,200 2000-2500 Million Reads

* These runs are very uncommonly submitted.  If you wish to run them, you should submit enough lanes to fill a full flow cell (8 lanes or multiples of 8 for multiple flow cells for HiSeq 4000 submissions, 4 lanes or multiples of 4 for S4 NovaSeq 6000 submissions, and 2 lanes or multiples of 2 lanes for S1/S2 NovaSeq 6000 submissions).  Submissions that are not in appropraite multiples are unlikely to have all of the lanes sequenced in a timely manner. A full list of all possible sequencing variants/setups is available upon request.

PacBio Sequel Services

SMRTbell Library Preparation

Library Type # of Samples Price per Sample
PacBio SMRTbell SPv3 10 $460.00
4 $750.00

PacBio Sequel Sequencing

Run Type # of SMRT cells Price per SMRT cell
Diffusion Loading <2kb size - 10 hr movie 8 $1,375
4 $1,500
1 $2,750
Diffusion Loading >2kb size - 10 hr movie 8 $1,300
4 $1,450
1 $2,700

Please visit our PacBio sequencing page to determine the loading type that is best suited for your experiment.