Service Rates

Below is a list of our pricing and run configurations.  Other run configurations are available, please contact us for more information.

Illumina Services

Illumina Library Preparation

Base library prices are listed here.  There are discounts for bulk submissions (more samples = greater discount), please inquire for a more accurate quote.  Prices listed are for the library preparation only, sequencing is a separate charge as outlined in the sequencing section.

Library Type Price Per Sample
TruSeq Stranded mRNA $330.00
TruSeq Stranded Total RNA $390.00
Nextera XT (Fluidigm C1 protocol) $25.00
Nextera XT WGS Metagenomics $80.00
16S Metagenomics $75.00
TruSeq DNA Methylation $300.00
SMARTer Stranded Pico v2 $220.00
Agilent SureSelectXT $700.00
10X Chromium Genome v2 $1,450.00
10X Chromium Single Cell v2 $2,400.00

Illumina Sequencing

Platform Run Type Price Per Lane
MiSeq 1x50 bp $1,300.00
2x150 bp $1,550.00
2x250 bp $1,800.00
2x300 bp $2,050.00
HiSeq 4000 1x50 bp* $1,300.00
1x100 bp* $1,600.00
1x150 bp* $1,800.00
2x50 bp* $1,900.00
2x100 bp $2,550.00
2x150 bp $2,900.00

* These runs are very uncommonly submitted.  If you wish to run them, you should submit enough lanes to fill a full flow cell (8 lanes or multiples of 8 for multiple flow cells).  Submissions that are not in multiples of 8 are unlikely to have all of the lanes sequenced in a timely manner.

PacBio Sequel Services

SMRTbell Library Preparation

Library Type # of Samples Price per Sample
PacBio SMRTbell SPv3 10 $400.00
4 $650.00

PacBio Sequel Sequencing

Run Type # of SMRT cells Price per SMRT cell
Magbead Loading - 10 hr movie 1 $2,400.00
4 $1,300.00
8 $1,200.00
Diffusion Loading <2kb size - 10 hr movie 1 $2,350.00
4 $1,300.00
8 $1,200.00
Diffusion Loading >2kb size - 10 hr movie 1 $2,300.00
4 $1,250.00
8 $1,150.00

Please visit our PacBio sequencing page to determine the loading type that is best suited for your experiment.