About Us

Our laboratory focuses on developing precision medicine for the ~ 50 million patients annually in the United States requiring anesthesia and analgesia.  With our strong foundation in basic science, we are discovering biomarkers and designing non-narcotic cardiac-safe pain therapeutics to ultimately provide each individual requiring anesthesia and/or analgesia a well-designed personalized plan to provide them with the best outcome whether requiring anesthesia for surgery or are suffering from chronic pain.    

In order to provide overall better anesthetic care for our patients, we are examining how common genetic polymorphisms specifically in high prevalence for our patient population we care for at Stanford may alter anesthetic and analgesic effects of the medications we administer and affect post-operative course. More details on this particular subject can be seen here.

Although opioids are addictive with many unwanted side effects, opioids prior to or during an ischemic event reduce cellular injury, unlike other analgesics such as COX-2 inhibitors which exacerbate injury.  We are interested in investigating the mechanism of how the nociceptive and cardioprotective signaling pathways are linked in order to find novel agents to treat reperfusion injury.  More information about this can be found here.

Further, opioid-related side effects are a tremendous burden in society today.  With our extensive knowledge of protein-protein interactions and the effects of opioids on the cardiovascular system, our goal is to design non-narcotic analgesics that are also cardiac safe to treat pain.  More information about this can be found here.

Together, we strive to improve the care of our patients and ultimately those across the world.

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