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Anesthesia Specialties

Zahra Dawson, MD

There are so many great things about Stanford that make it a wonderful place to train. The hospital is beautiful, the Bay Area is an exciting place to live, and you can rest assured that your training will be top-notch. What sealed the deal for me is how inexplicably elated I was after my interview day. I loved the program, I loved the people I met, and I loved that, despite my presumptions, I saw  More some African American anesthesiology residents on my interview day. I'm used to being the minority, but knowing that I wouldn't be the only one was something that I found both encouraging and comforting.

Cedar Fowler, MD, PhD, MPH

Great training, amazing opportunities, wonderful people.

Veronia Orr, MD

I am half-Hispanic and half-Caucasian. I was raised in a small farming town in Northern California that was, unfortunately, largely racially divided. However, growing up in that environment made me prouder of my ethnic background and passionate about identifying and challenging the differences faced by individuals of diverse backgrounds. When  More searching for a residency program, I knew I needed to find an institution with a heart that fostered diversity and community within its residents. I found that in Stanford and I hope you do too! 

Felipe D. Perez, MD

Stanford Anesthesiology offers an abundance of opportunities to become the kind of physician that you want to become. For me it is more than just being an excellent clinician. I have become involved in quality improvement projects and been fully funded to attend our national and local conferences to learn and share our experiences. Also I enjoy being able to go to salsa classes on and off the Stanford campus. 

Medicine Specialties

Ulysses Rosas, MD

I am a first generation student who has been at Stanford since undergrad! Stanford is an amazing institution that supports individuals from underrepresented backgrounds well. When I interviewed here for residency I was impressed by how supportive the program directors and GME office were of their residents. I saw a clear goal by the residency program to provide the support individuals of underrepresented backgrounds need to continue to succeed.

Antonia Valenzuela, MD, MS

I was born and raised in Chile and completed my medical education and residency in my home country. I have been at Stanford for the last 6 years for master program, research fellowship, and now clinical fellowship. I have been amazed by the warm and supportive Stanford community and the many opportunities it offers. I have particularly enjoyed the diversity of patients seen in clinic, in a warm work environment, and in an area with perfect weather!

Neurology Specialties

Amanda G Sandoval Karamian, MD

A training environment with both colleagues and patients from diverse backgrounds was an important attribute I sought in my ideal residency program during the application process. I was struck by Stanford's commitment to diversity, specifically in the Pediatrics and Child Neurology programs. During my first two years of residency, I have been happy to take part in the continued focus on diversity within these programs. 

Otolaryngology Specialties

Brandon Jackson Baird, MD

The training opportunities, the top-notch research, the California location. Tolerant environment. Completed a sub-internship here and loved it.

Brian Nuyen, MD

I am interested in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) health education and health science community-building. Stanford for me seemed a natural choice for residency - a place of ambitious innovation and of great LGBT diversity. I have felt so welcome and safe here at Stanford and within the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. I'm especially interested in expanding the presence of LGBT health professionals in surgical fields.

Pediatric Specialties

Chisom Agbim, MD

As a residency applicant, I was looking for a program that would provide me with exceptional training and strongly valued diversity. On my interview day for Pediatric Residency, I was very impressed by Stanford's comment to diversity and dedication to serve a diverse patient population. These values were especially evident with the Pediatric Residency program leadership. I immediately felt welcome by both the faculty and other residents in the program, which has continued to grow stronger with time.

Ezinne Emeruwa, MD, MPH

I'm a 2nd generation Nigerian-American born and raised in Southern California. I'm interested in Pediatric Cardiology and Intensive Care and Global Health, specifically in Nigeria. I came to Stanford for the mentors and the interdisciplinary spirit. I don't have a mentor who looks exactly like me and is doing exactly what I want to do, but I have been able to build a team of people on the cutting edge of their respective fields who are willing to help me become the first of my kind, and that is as rare as it is invaluable.

Rachel Goldstein, MD

In the end, while I knew I would get FANTASTIC training, I came to Stanford for pediatric residency and stayed for adolescent medicine fellowship because of the people. Stanford has some of the most supportive leadership and faculty I've ever worked with. Outside of work, the quality of life in the bay area is amazing with tons of music, cultural events, outdoor activities and of course awesome food. 

Brianna Griffin, MD

Pediatrics program focus on support and personal growth in addition to professional growth. I knew that at this program all parts of myself would be supported and valued.

Psychiatry Specialties

Neir Eshel, MD, PhD

A sun-kissed place with a supportive, happy, and diverse community of physician scholars! I’ve been passionate about LGBT health equality since medical school, and I’m looking forward to continuing my advocacy here at Stanford. 

Radiology Specialties

Audrey Verde, MD, PhD

Diversity of all types, and working towards equality have always been important to me. During my second year of medical school, I was the Co-President of the UNC Chapel Hill Queer Straight Alliance, and worked to ensure that all entering medical students received safe zone training during med school orientation. During my PhD, I became acutely aware of the barriers women continue to face at every level within academia, with a paucity of women in leadership positions. To help change this situation, my classmate and I co-founded the UNC Advocates for MD-PhD Women in Science to promote the success, recognition, and excellence of women in academic medicine and medical research. While radiology and research are my career (which I love), advocating for women and other underrepresented minorities, empowering others, and mentoring are my passion. Throughout my career I will continue to work to change the status quo, and bring about more diverse leadership and representation within radiology, research, and medicine as a whole. Stanford was my top choice for residency due to its excellent training program in the setting of a non-hierarchical, inclusive culture that fosters creativity and innovation. 

Surgical Specialties

Auriel August, MD

I grew up in a very diverse community in West Palm beach, Florida before attending undergrad at Duke University in the true south of North Carolina. After undergrad, I matriculated to Dartmouth Medical School in the incredibly homogenous town of Hanover, New Hampshire. The vast differences in the cultural landscape of all the different places I have studied, really shaped my passion for diversity and inclusion. Whether it was identifying more with the support staff than my engineering colleagues during undergrad or being the only African American person within a 20 mile radius during medical school; I was always aware of how my presence was not what was expected. As a black woman in academia it is not uncommon to go through your education not seeing anyone who looks like you.  When I came to Stanford it was the first time I saw residents who looked like me, especially in surgery! Representation is so important I am so happy to be a part of a program that truly values diversity and has put forth concrete initiatives to foster the growth of minorities within medicine. As a part of the Diversity Committee I hope to continue to further Stanford's mission of changing the face of medicine. 

Janos Barrera, MD

Born to a Colombian father and Norwegian-American mother, I came to appreciate at an early age how different values and cultures could harmonize at home, and later within school and in the work-place. During medical school, I worked with student groups to improve recruitment and retention of under-represented minorities entering health science professions. Stanford's diverse community and commitment to recruiting diverse faculty and house-staff aligned perfectly with these values. This, coupled with its excellent clinical training, made Stanford the natural choice for my residency. 

Malcolm DeBraun, MD

There are no limits at Stanford! Diversity of opinions and backgrounds are celebrated at this institution. From having attending medical school here- I knew if I stayed on board I would be training in a supportive, accepting environment where I could be myself in my pursuit towards excellence. 

Miquell Miller, MD

Cultivating diversity has always been essential to my career. I am originally from a small island in the Bahamas. I went to Dillard University for undergrad, a historically black college in New Orleans. During my tenure there, I was a fellow in the Melton Foundation, which fostered cultural exchange between universities in China, India, Chile, US and Germany. I then matriculated to Stanford University for medical school where I became chair for our annual premed conference that recruits over 500 underrepresented minorities in medicine each year. Currently, I am a General Surgery resident at Stanford and I am actively promoting diversity in our programs. I encourage you to join our community where people like myself from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to be leaders in their field.