Malpractice Verification/Training Verification

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Last Revised 03/06/2018


The GME Office does NOT process:

  • malpractice inquiries
  • training verifications

Malpractice/Certificate of Insurance Verification

To verify a malpractice or general liability insurance verification for SHC or providers, contact The Risk Authority to inquire about their process. Inquiries must be made 4 weeks in advance.

Complete the above form and contact The Risk Authority regarding medical malpractice, certificate of insurance (COI), malpractice claims history, etc. 

  • Email Risk Management at
  • Please mark your email subject line “Coverage Request”
  • Complete form above and attach to e-mail
  • In the body of your email, provide your:
    • full name
    • training program name
    • appointment start and end dates
    • Reason for the request e.g. new job, etc.
  • Plan ahead and ask for your insurance coverage as soon as possible as they are extremely busy.

Training Verification

To verify a residency or fellowship training at Stanford Health Care, please view the document link below so you can contact the primary contact person for your program-of-interest:


Please refer to the column "Training Verification Request (TVR)" for the contact information.

GME DOES NOT process training verifications. If you do not see your program here, please contact the Stanford University PostDoctoral office for appointments through the University.