Program Directors' Retreat

Upcoming Retreat

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Last Revised 2/5/2020

This Program Directors' Retreat was open to all PDs, APDs, and faculty to attend. The theme was "Diversity Learning in Graduate Medical Education". 

Guest Speakers

  • Kelley Skeff, MD, PhD – Dr. Skeff is a professor in the Medicine Department (Primary Care and Population Health). Stanford CAP Profile -
  • Nicole Ofiesh, PhD – Dr. Ofiesh is a cognitive behavioral scientist with expertise in learning disorders and attention. Dr. Ofiesh has worked with Stanford and other educational institutions for many years with research emphasis on how people learn. Schwab Learning Center Profile -


Date Topic PPT Slide Presentation Material

Cognitive Diversity and Workplace Performance by Nicole Ofiesh, PhD

Areas for Reflection by Kelley Skeff, MD, PhD

Cognitive Diversity and Workplace Performance PDF (2 MB) Nicole Ofiesh's UDL Handout (0.5 MB)