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Last Updated: 3/16/2020

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The direct number for asymptomatic/routine scheduling is 650-497-9595. 

Recent Updates

[COVID Surge Handbook 6.3.2020]

The COVID Surge Handbook is a collective effort by a team comprised of designers, physicians, students, and residents affiliated with Stanford and Future Medical Systems.  We hope this handbook of online resources will help hospital administrators, clinical managers and providers plan for a surge in hospitalizations. We welcome contributions from the medical community at all levels.


[Trainees With Disabilities/Medical Condition Requiring Accomodations 4.17.2020]

Residents with disabilities or medical conditions that might require workplace accommodation in connection with working with COVID-19 patients should work with their program director or the GME director to explore possible accommodations, such as additional PPE, or alternative rotations, if possible, etc.  Program directors are reminded that any resident PHI, such as MD notes, should not be placed in the resident's file. 

[Interpreter Service for Telehealth Visits 4.15.2020]

Temporary Lodging Application Guide [3.27.2020]

Evaluation and Management of Patients with COVID-19 [3.25.2020]

Please see the attached latest clinical guidelines for the evaluation and management of patients with COVID-19.

Video Update from WellMD [3.21.2020]

Click Here to watch Video 

This video includes updates on the following topics:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Protecting my family
  • Access to testing if I develop symptoms
  • Support for physicians on isolation
  • Childcare support
    • *Bright Horizons Back-Up Care and Crisis Care Stipend
    • SitterCity
    • SMS Childcare Initiative: A group of Stanford medical students and graduate students have generously offered their help with emergency child care in the face of the growing COVID pandemic. This resource is very limited and is being reserved for those for who the above options have not provided a solution. If you are a faculty member or resident at SHC or Stanford Children’s Health and need assistance with childcare after exhausting all other options, please fill out this request form after reviewing the guidelines.
  • Support during more intense work schedules
  • Efforts to strengthen communication


*Username: SHC & Password: backup1. When you enter your personal information please ensure it matches what is on the SHC directory or you will not be recognized as an SHC employee

Pregnant Provider COVID-19 Staffing Recommendations [3.19.2020]

(Approved by COST Committee3/19/2020)

  1. Given that pregnant women have been at higher risk of severe outcomes in other novel respiratory infections, the potential risks of indicated preterm delivery, and the possibility that pregnant women may still be at greater risk of complications from COVID-19 due to our minimal data available on severity/complications in pregnancy, we recommend that pregnant faculty, trainees, and staff limit, whenever possible, direct care of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. While the available data do not support removing pregnant providers from work at this time, this should be reassessed as additional data are available.
  2. We recommend that pregnant faculty, trainees, and staff avoid in-person patient care and patient contact after 37 weeks of gestation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will minimize maternal infection risk, thus minimizing risk of mother/infant separation after birth if a mother is COVID-19 positive.






Child Care Options

Option 1: Explore Personal Options

  • It is often ideal for children to be cared for by someone they know.
  • We encourage you to explore options available to you for childcare/adult care including partners, family, trusted friends, etc.
  • Parents are discouraged from having older family members provide childcare as they are a higher risk group for COVID-19.

Option 2: Use Your Benefits

  • For benefit eligible employees and physicians, consider utilizing Bright Horizons' Back-Up Care Advantage Program, which provides up to 80 hours of back-up care (center-based care or in-home care options) for your children and adult/elder relatives when regular dependent care is unavailable. To register please call the 24/7 contact center at 877-BH-CARES (242-2737) or register online using the following steps:
    • Go to, then scroll down to where "Reserve Back-up Care" is offered
    • Click "Not signed up yet?"
    • Enter your institution username and password and then follow the prompts.
      • For SHC employees: Username: SHC Password: backup1
      • For SoM physicians: Username: sucares Password: Benefits4You
        • When you enter your personal information, please ensure it matches what is on the SoM directory or you will not be recognized as an SoM faculty
      • If you have exhausted your allocation of Bright Horizon's hours, SHC benefit eligible employees can request up to 80 additional Bright Horizon's Back Up Care hours.
      • It is strongly recommended to use the website or mobile app to make requests. 

 Option 3: Access Additional Assistance

  • Through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage program, SHC benefit eligible employees can receive a reimbursement stipend of $100 per day to help pay for care you arrange with a babysitter, friend, or relative. To qualify, register and then make a reservation prior to the day you need care (or on the same day for urgent needs). This can be used up to 10 days. Here are the steps:
    • When making a reservation, from the "Available Care Options" page, select the "Crisis Care" button.
    • Follow the prompts to reserve care and complete the necessary Confirmation and Release
    • Within 10 days after care, submit a completed Request for Reimbursement to be reimbursed $100/day
    • Click on "Use It" (New users, select "Not signed up yet? Register Now")
  • Questions? Contact Bright Horizons 24/7 at 877-242-2737


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Contact Information

Please use the contacts below for physician questions and patient consultations regarding

COVID-19. These contacts will escalate to epidemiology leads if they are unable to answer

your question.


Ethicist Resource 

For any trainees with ethical concerns or moral distress who would like to discuss with an ethicist, there are two new emails for people to reach out to our service:

SHC Ethics Consultation pager #16230

LPCH Ethics Consultation pager #18537