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Last Updated 02/19/2018

Chief Residents Council (CRC)

The Chief Residents Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:00-7:00PM. The Council is charged with developing an annual quality improvement project leading to a 1% salary bonus based on successful completion.  Chief residents bring departmental and overall residency issues to the group for discussion.  

GMEC Resident Representative for All Training Programs

Five resident representatives are elected to a one year term by their peers in a May email election. Residents may self-nominate.  The GMEC (Graduate Medical Education Review Committee) meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday from 5-6PM. The committee is charged with oversight of all residency related issues such as salary setting, program accreditation and expansion, and duty hours monitoring. Resident representatives are charged with bringing house staff related issues to the committee and serving as a “voice” for their colleagues.

GME House Staff Diversity Committee

The GME Diversity Committee's mission:

"Our goal is to create a medical community that is reflective of the community and the world that we serve. We believe that we can best achieve this goal by addressing systems of privilege including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability. Representation matters, period. Our mission and values align with the goals of Stanford Medicine."

GME Women in Medicine Leadership Council (WIMLC)

GME Women in Medicine Leadership Council aims to provide a community to educate and empower women in their professional and profession lives through hands-on workshops. 

The council organizes hands-on educational workshops and happy hours to encourage a community.

Resident Safety Council (RSC)

The Resident Safety Council (RSC) offers residents and fellows the opportunity to be a part of quality improvement project that fulfills the ACGME requirement.