6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Alway M112

GME Financial Workshop: Evaluating Employment Contracts & Offers

For all house staff at SHC/LPCH and affiliated hospitals

This event is part of the GME Financial Workshop Series, a series dedicated to offering residents and fellows with guidance on financial management.

Topics Covered

Chris will cover financial topics including:

  • How do I evaluate the financial consequences of an employment offer?
  • What benefits should I look for? What is common and standard for the field?
  • How do I evaluate the non-cash elements of an employment offer?
  • How does the financial health of the firm, institution or practice I join impact me?
  • Key clauses in partnerships – what happens at a partner’s death, disability, divorce or bankruptcy?
  • Recruiting, retaining, rewarding and retiring employees – what should I expect?
  • Minimizing the impact of taxes on your compensation.
  • Risk management – how to protect your downside risk?
  • Building wealth beyond the salary - planning for enterprise value.
  • Leveraging financial tools to enhance opportunity and minimize risk to income.


Mark will cover legal topics including:

  • Basic business aspects of private medical practices
  • Evaluating an employment contract from a medical practice
  • Employment contract terms that may benefit you, and others that may harm your interests
  • When to get legal advice, and how it can help you
  • Hospital recruiting contracts – what they are and what to look out for if you’re asked to sign one
  • The importance of generating referrals and revenue in private practice
  • Planning for partnership – what to think about from a legal and HR perspective
  • Moving from employee to partner/shareholder
  • How do I plan ahead to protect my interests when I’m ready to become a partner/shareholder?

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