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Last Revised 08/13/2018

Standard Process Description: ED Valet For On-Call Emergency Responding Staffs

To learn more about the valet parking option for on-call emergency response house staff, please download and read the specifics outlined in this document (link below).

After Hours Food

As an additional service for our Residents and Fellows, the GME stocks the lounge with healthy snacks for after hours, meaning when the cafeteria and other food options are not available. This food is for Residents and Fellows only.


The GME gym is located on the 4th floor of the SHC. Equipment includes: stair-climbers, treadmills, bicycles and weights. Residents must use their access card to enter and exit the roof access door that leads to the gym. The code for the gym door can be found posted above the keypad used to access the gym.

GME Lounge HC433

The GME lounge is located on the 4th floor of the hospital, room HC433, next to the GME Office. The lounge is furnished with sofas, chairs, television, pool table, refrigerator and microwave. This is provided to Residents for their comfort, however we ask to please be mindful of the noise level for the nearby on-call sleeping rooms.

Housestaff Information Technology Enhancement Council

HITEC (Housestaff Information Technology Enhancement Council) has created a site for resources for residents COVID-19. The site includes Epic and IT information and processes to help residents and fellows provide excellent patient care. 

Lactation Room HC404

The GME lactation lounge is located on the 4th floor of the SHC, room HC404, across the stairway from the GME Office.

Lane Medical Library

The Lane Medical Library is located in the Lane Building, in the courtyard next to Stanford Hospital. Our extensive resources and services are available to all Stanford residents and fellows. Although the library’s physical space is currently closed, our digital services and resources are available via Lane’s website. These include: literature review support; digital document delivery; library classes via Zoom; and Lane’s liaison program. Please feel free to contact us by email via AskUs or Live Chat.

Meal Money

Effective 7/1/2013, Residents and clinical Fellows receive $10 for every 12 hours (or longer) worked on clinical rotations at Stanford Health Care/Stanford Children’s Health. Meal money will no longer be dependent upon in-house call. The funds will be assigned based on your duty hours logged into MedHub, which must be submitted on time. Payments are made on the 2nd paycheck of each month.

On-Call Quarters

Door Combinations Contract

  • Contact the GME Office at 650-723-5948 or use the contact form
  • or your chief resident

Sleep quarters are provided for House Staff who are required to take call at Stanford Health Care/Stanford Children’s Health. Residents taking call from home should check with their residency Program Director regarding any response time requirements.

  • All the call room doors will start the evening open. A closed door means it is unavailable.
  • Do NOT reserve call rooms (no notes on doors, no putting your stuff in the room ahead of usage). Only go to the room when you intend to sleep.
             * For those unable to keep their belongings in their own department ahead of time, lockers are provided adjacent to the call rooms. These are located on the 4th floor, directly across the hall from GME office entrance.
  • If you get to the call rooms and cannot find an open door there is a sign-in board for you to put your name, time, and service so we can track how often rooms are unavailable. The board is located on the door to the break room in the main area of call rooms and by the door at the entrance to the east side call rooms. It is imperative that you document the lack of available rooms.
  • Please remember there are 2 sets of call rooms
            1. On BOTH sides of the hall beside the main GME office on the 4th floor (see map)
            2. 4 additional call rooms on the east side of the hospital, up the "L" staircase on the 4th floor by pavilion G (see map)
    Additional clean sheets are in the cupboard leading to gym (across the hall from the GME office)


Call rooms available on the 4th floor at both stairwells in red.

The sleep rooms are single occupancy and are designated as “hotel”. They are open to all Houses Staff needing to sleep. For assistance call the GME office at: (650) 723-5948, located on the 4th floor of Stanford Health Care in the “C” wing.

Resident/Fellow Workroom HC403

The GME Resident/Fellow workroom is on the 4th floor of the SHC, room HC403, across the stairway from the GME Office. This workroom offers day lockers, computers, a phone and a printer for Residents to enjoy a quiet workspace.

Stanford Golf Course

Stanford University Golf Course is in the foothills above the Stanford University Campus, the golf course is consistently rated one of the finest courses in the world. Residents may sign up to be on the GME golf list and play at a reduced rate of $25.


  • Sign-ups must be in person at the GME Office, room HC435.
  • To allow access for all, Residents are given up to two (2) months on a first come, first serve basis.    
               * Residents may sign up for additional months in the low-demand months. In order for these additional months not to count against your two (2) months, sign-up must be on the last day of the month based on availability.
  • Guest pay $125, subject to change. Fees can be found at:
  • For additional rules, golf course hours and general information, call: (650) 724-0944 or go to


Read instructions in the document below on how to use Uber when you are training at Stanford. Work-related use only.

Welch Road Apartments

Seventy-two (72) apartments located adjacent to Stanford Health Care are available for house staff. They are configured as studios, one (1) and two (2) bedroom units. The application for the Welch Road Apartments are sent to incoming house staff along with their contracts in late March/April. Assignments are made via lottery in May. Tenancy is limited to the term of house staff's initial Stanford residency. There is a strict no pet policy.