Global Anesthesia Members

Michelle Duperrault, MS, MHA

  • Global Anesthesia Division Manager
  • Executive Assistant to the Chairman

    Michelle received her undergraduate degrees in Global Studies and Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations from University of California, Santa Barbara. She has held internships at the World Health Organization in Geneva and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica. She earned a Master’s in Health Care Administration (MHA) from California State University, East Bay through which she helped formalize the Division of Global Anesthesia at Stanford. For the practicum of her Master of Science in Global Health (MSGH) degree from Northwestern University, she taught a course on Global Health Care Management to the administrative staff at University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences (UZCHS). She speaks Spanish and French, and has visited over 30 countries.

Rebecca McGoldrick, MD

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Division Co-Director
  • Multispecialty Anesthesia

    Rebecca completed her anesthesiology residency training at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and joined Stanford University’s anesthesia department as a global health fellow in 2013.  Her interest in global health began while working in South Africa prior to medical school.  Since then, she has participated in medical missions in South Africa and Ecuador, but became interested in education during a residency rotation in Kenya training nurse anesthetist students.   Her fellowship focused on educational videos and interactive lectures with the anesthesia resident physicians in Zimbabwe.

Ana Crawford, MD, MSC

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Division Co-Director
  • Multispecialty and Critical Care Anesthesia

    Ana joined the Stanford faculty in 2009 after completing her anesthesia residency at the University of Texas Southwestern and her ICU fellowship at Stanford University.  Her initial interest in Global Health started in 2005 as an intern when she took her first international trip to Kenya where she was part of a team that ran a 4 day medical clinic serving thousands of patients from villages near and far.  It was there that the importance of sustainability and collaboration left their mark on her future goals in global health.  She then completed a master’s degree in global health sciences at UCSF in 2012 and began to formalize the global health division within the department of anesthesiology, including the creation of the global health in anesthesia fellowship program. Ana is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (ASA-GHO).

Cynthia Khoo, MD, PHD

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Lead for Global Anesthesia Research
  • Regional and Multispecialty Anesthesia

    I am a Regional anesthesiologist with a passion for Global Health. I initially became interested in global health while working in a lab at the Bloomberg School of Public Health during college. I completed my MD-PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and my residency and fellowship training at Stanford. Volunteering with the CASIEF-ASA GHO program in Rwanda, I have had the opportunity to teach residents anesthesiology and to help develop a nerve block program. Regional anesthesia has the potential to improve safety, reduce cost, and enhance patient experience in the perioperative period. I am interested in expanding the utilization of regional anesthesia and acute pain in low-resource settings through education, research, and clinical practice.

Sara Strowd, MD, MPH

  • Co-Director for Resident Fellow Pathway and Global Anesthesia Fellowship

I graduated from Colorado College with a degree in cultural anthropology and skiing (not technically). I then went on to get a master's in public health at the University of Pittsburgh where I focused on infectious diseases and global health. That is where I started to get excited about global health projects. After my MPH, I headed to Loyola University of Chicago for medical school where I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam during my 4th year for a rotation in infectious diseases. I stayed at Loyola for my anesthesia residency and was lucky enough to get the SEA-HVO grant to teach anesthesia in Vietnam during my final year. I'm really interested in starting regional programs that are sustainable within the anesthesia community abroad. 

Outside of work I love the outdoors, skiing, running, biking, cooking, traveling, wine and dogs

Andrea Murray, MD

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Andrea is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Anesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University and is board-certified in Pediatric Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, and in Pediatrics. Her interests include sustainable models in global health, regional anesthesia, simulation, and immersive technology for reduction of perioperative anxiety.


Fadzai Mugadza

  • Consultant Anaesthetist-Lecturer at University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences

Farai Madzimbamuto

  • Associate Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences

Paulin Ruhato Banguti

  • Lecturer and Program Director of Anesthesia at University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Patricia LIvingston

  • Medical Director of Global Health & Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Pain Management & Perioperative Medicine at Dalhousie University

Affiliated Faculty

  • Alex Macario MD MBA
    Professor, Vice Chair for Education, and Residency Program Director
    Languages: Spanish

  • Ahlia Kattan MD
    Clinical Instructor
    Stanford Resident and CCM Fellow
    Languages: Arabic, Spanish
    2017: Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Palestine

  • Fred Mihm MD
    Professor and Division Chief of Critical Care Anesthesia (Regional Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine)
    2017: Rwanda, Palestine
    2018: Zimbabwe

  • Jean-Louis Horn MD
    Professor and Division Chief of Regional Anesthesiogy and Acute Pain Medicine (RAAPM)
    Languages: French

  • Pedro Tanaka MD PhD
    Clinical Professor, Co-Director, Stanford Anesthesiologists Meeting Brazilian Anesthesiologists Program (SAMBA), Director, Stanford Anesthesia Fellowship in Medical Education, Associate Residency Program Director
    Languages: Portuguese
    Brazil (yearly)

  • Mark Singleton MD
    Clinical Professor (Pediatric Anesthesia), ASAGHO Committee Member