• Novel CIMPatypical subtype described in head and neck cancer

    Together with the Sunwoo lab, we discovered a new subtype of Head and Neck Cancer based on epigenomics computational modeling! This fantastic work by Dr Kevin Brennan, a postdoc in the lab,provides clear avenues for developing diagnostics tests to detect this subtype and novel ideas for treatment.

  • Imaging signature for EGFR mutation status

    Together with the department of radiology at Stanford, we developed a model based on only four image features that predicts the presence of EGFR mutations in non small cell lung cancer.

  • CoINCiDE featured by Science Translational Medicine

    We developedCoINcIDE, a meta-analysis framework for unsupervised analysis of gene expression data cohorts for diseases.

  • Metadata prediction results accepted in special issue of Database

    Our work in the context of the CEDAR, the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval, on developing machine learning models to predict Metadata has been accepted for publication in a special issue of Database.

  • Work featured in Lancet Oncology

    The Lancet Oncology featured a news article on Haruka's recent publication in Science translational Medicine.