Gevaert lab receives funding with Cambridge

The Gevaert lab, together with Dr. John Leppert at Dept of urology, was selected as 1 out of 4 projects to receive funding from the Canary Center to collaborate with Charlie Massie and Stewart Grant at Cambridge. 

The goal of these grants are to develop new approaches to finding and stopping cancer earlier as part of the Early Detection Programme at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre (CRUK).

Our team is going to be researching whether it is possible to detect the early stages of a type of kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) using biomarkers found in urine by looking at specific signals in the DNA cells called methylation.


- Charlie Massie, Cancer Research UK, Dept. Oncology (lab website)

- Grant Stewart, Dept. Surgery, University of Cambridge. 

- John Leppert, Dept. Urology, Stanford University. 


Read more about this announcement here