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Bariatric Surgery

All three bariatric surgery faculty members (Drs. Curet, Morton and Safadi) and both fellows have been very involved in a number of clinical research projects which have focused mostly on the outcomes of our bariatric surgery program. We currently have a prospective randomized trial evaluating the use of preoperative weight loss prior to bariatric surgery. In addition, we have looked at our results evaluating the learning curve of the operation when the surgeon's training differs and when the assistant's training differs. We are currently implementing a study to evaluate hand sewn versus stapled anastomosis.

Colorectal Surgery

The colorectal surgery program is actively engaged in sectional, departmental institutional and national clinical trials and basic science research projects.

Dr. Shelton is the institutional PI for an NSABP trial looking at chemoprevention of colorectal cancers with COX-2 inhibitors. He is also the institutional PI for two NSABP trial evaluating the role of neoadjuvant radiation and chemotherapy of stage II and stage III rectal cancers and chemotherapy of stage II and III colon cancers He is a co-investigator with Teresa Desser comparing three dimensional reconstruction CT scans to ultrasound in the staging of rectal cancers. He is a co-investigator assessing the response of rectal cancers to various combinations of chemotherapy with radiation in the preoperative setting. Dr. Shelton is also reviewing the use of capsule endoscopy in Crohn's disease and the current status of treatment of low rectal cancers.

Dr. Welton is the institutional PI for national clinical trials as well including the ACOSOG trial evaluating colon cancers in patients under the age of 50 and the NIH trial evaluating the timing of surgery after chemoradiation therapy for rectal cancer. He is the national PI for a multi-institutional trial that is assessing the need for bowel preparation in elective colorectal surgery. He is co-PI for a clinical trial defining the frequency of colonoscopy and quantity of biopsies obtained at colonoscopy during surveillance for colorectal cancer in patients with ulcerative colitis. He is also a co-PI in a basic science project with Hanlee Ji and Ronald Davis assessing the molecular, genetic & pathologic changes in anal cancers and dysplasias using molecular inversion probe genomic technology. Finally, Dr. Welton is the surgical leader of a multidisciplinary group actively involved with a group assessing the surgical prevention of anal cancer is patients at high risk for anal cancer.

Trauma/Critical Care

Paul Maggio, M.D.

David Spain, M.D.

Kristan Staudenmayer, M.D.


Surgical Oncology

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