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No clinical division/department at Stanford has changed more in the last fifteen years than the Division of General Surgery. To accomplish our core mission of providing the highest quality patient care, cutting edge research, and an outstanding education to medical students and General Surgery residents. 

The culmination of this recruitment of faculty gives the Division of General Surgery a group of outstanding leaders in senior positions. Within this structure, it is now possible for General Surgery to fulfill its mission of quality patient care, research, and education with a faculty that rivals any west of the Mississippi. These developments also provide the infrastructure to support our goal in surgical training, which is to develop the next generation of leaders in surgery in the United States. The vehicle for this is the General Surgery Training Program, which continues to flourish and competes favorably with the best programs in the country for the finest graduates of medical schools in the United States.

It is our hope that our entire faculty, new and continuing members of the Division as well as all of our surgical residents will build on this legacy as we move into the 21st century as dedicated as ever to quality patient care, teaching and research.

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The Asian Liver Center

The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University is the first non-profit organization in the United States that addresses the disproportionately high rates of chronic hepatitis B infection and liver cancer in Asians and Asian Americans. Founded in 1996, the center addresses the gaps in the fight against hepatitis B through a four-pronged approach of collaboration, advocacy, research, and education & outreach (CARE). The ultimate goal of the Center is to eliminate the transmission and stigma of hepatitis B, and reduce deaths from liver cancer and liver disease caused by chronic hepatitis B.

The Asian Liver Center

Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, Surgical Service

The Palo Alto Veterans Hospital is an important component of the Training Program and is a Dean's affiliated hospital staffed by Stanford University Faculty. Residents in the general surgery training program rotate in the PGY 1, 2, and 4th years of training on the general surgery, vascular, and cardio-thoracic services. There are five general surgical Stanford faculty based at the VA medical center. 

 Dr. Sherry Wren, Professor and Vice Chair of Surgery, Director of Global Surgery at Stanford University serves as the Chief of General Surgery at the VA Hospital and the Site Program Director. Dr. Wren has a focused interest in GI cancers, HPB, and Robotics.  Her research is primarily focused on global surgical issues throughout the low and middle income nations.  She has been recognized many times regionally and nationally for her dedication to education and mentorship. 

Dr. Dan Eisenberg, Associate Professor, is a fellowship trained MIS surgeon who serves as the Chief of the Minimally Invasive and Bariatric program, which includes a fellowship program for MIS and robotics at the VA.  He serves as the PAVAH - MIS fellowship director and is a distinguished gastrointestinal surgeon and educator.

 Dr. George Yang, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, is primarily a basic research scientist in the field of tissue engineering and has received numerous grants and awards to support this research program.  Clinically his focus is ambulatory surgical procedure, especially inguinal hernia disease. 

Dr. Daphne Ly, Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated), is a fellowship trained critical care specialist. Her clinical focus is on critical care, ultrasonography, and breast disease. She is the faculty lead for the Women’s Veterans Program. 

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