Teaching Conferences

There is a full range of conferences that take place at Stanford and the affiliated hospitals. These include Surgical Grand Rounds, the weekly Morbidity and Mortality conferences, Breast Cancer and Gastrointestinal Tumor Boards, Basic Science and Attending Service rounds. 

Current Conferences

Conference Day Time
M&M Conference Monday  7:00-8:00a
Department of Surgery Grand Rounds (does not take place in the summer) Tuesday  7:00-8:00a
Surgery Core Course Tuesday   8:00-9:30a
GI Tumor Board Wedesday   4:30-5:30p
Digestive Diseases Clinical Conference Wednesday   4:30-5:30p
Colorectal Pre-Op Conference Tuesday 11:00a-noon
Surg Onc Pre-Op Conference Thursday 6:30-7:30a
Breast Surgery Conference and Tumor Board Friday 10:00a-noon
Sarcoma Tumor Board Friday 7:30-8:30a
MIS Case Conference Wednesday 8:00-8:45a
Hepatobiliary Tumor Board Tuesday 10:30-11:30a