General Surgery In the Department of Surgery

A Program to Create Balance in the Lives of our Residents

Dedicated to the memory of
Greg Feldman, M.D.
Chief Resident 2009-2010

 © 2011 The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University–Dr. Ralph S. Greco


The memory of Greg Feldman is extremely emotional for all of us. He seemed to me to be extremely good at balancing his work and non-work life, and cared about getting other residents to have fun both at and outside work.  So it seems appropriate both in content and timing that it be dedicated in honor of him. In so doing, I feel that it is important to not lose focus because the best way to honor him is to insure the program has a meaningful and lasting impact on the residents. In my opinion it is important to remember that many of the most impactful aspects of the program are not flashy, but rather the low hanging fruit like advising our residents as we advise our patients - making sure they see their doctor/dentist, telling them to try to exercise and eat healthy, helping them develop healthy coping mechanisms, promote friendship/socializing among residents, and putting mechanisms in place that can facilitate those basics. 

Greg Magee, M.D.



“The Terrible Toos”
too many hours in the hospital
too little sleep
too many patients
too little time with family
too little time to study
too much to learn
too many bad outcomes
too little exercise
too many beeper calls
too little control
too much scut
too little money
too much pressure
too much criticism
too little respect
too little support
too much ridicule
just too much!!


** Modified from Sotile and Sotile, 2010.

Physical Health




Psychological Health






Social Health

Various types of social events can bring residents together and will be scheduled throughout the year.

Structural Issues

Space will be provided for residents at each site where they can congregate, work, exchange ideas, and learn. The space will be comfortable, familiar, and effective.

There will be a central place for residents (and staff) to quickly identify “life” resources at the hospital and community.


We will facilitate a way for residents to constructively discuss issues that present themselves within the residency using a solution-based approach.







From the Committee on Resident Balance in Life by:

Ralph S. Greco, M.D.
Johnson and Johnson Distinguished Professor and Committee Chair

Rachael Callcut, M.D.
Marc Melcher, M.D.
Claudia Mueller, M.D.

Surgery Residents:
Greg Magee, M.D.
Arghavan Salles, M.D.
Mediget Teshome, M.D.
Yulia Zak, M.D.

Anita Hagan, Residency Coordinator

Thomas M. Krummel, M.D.
Emile Holman Professor and Chair
Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program
greco signature

Ralph S. Greco, M.D. for the committee


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