General Surgery

A Program to Create Balance in the Lives of our Residents

"The mission of the Balance in Life program is to support and promote the physical, psychological, social, and professional wellbeing of General Surgery residents and to provide them with the tools they will need to successfully navigate life as a surgeon."

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Committee Members

Ralph S. Greco, M.D.

Johnson and Johnson Distinguished Professor and Committee Chair

Director, Balance in Life Program


Claudia Mueller, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-director, Balance in Life Program


Cara Liebert, M.D.

Balance in Life Chief Resident


Resident Committee Members:

Lyen Huang, M.D.

Zach Kastenberg, M.D.

Blake Read, M.D.

Micaela Esquivel, M.D.

Rachel Yang, M.D.

Graeme Rosenberg, M.D.

Katie Blevins, M.D.


Past Resident Committee Members:

Arghavan Salles, M.D.

Greg Magee, M.D.

Mediget Teshome, M.D.

Yulia Zak, M.D.


Dedicated to the memory of
Greg Feldman, M.D.
Chief Resident 2009-2010

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