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General Surgery Training Program

It is our sincere hope that this site will give you a clear understanding of the surgical training opportunities at this great research institution. Not only is Stanford one of the most distinguished academic centers in the country, but Stanford’s University Medical Center is one of the premier hospitals in the country.

We are committed to making this the finest Surgical Training Program in the United States. Because of the incredible scientific infrastructure here at Stanford, especially in biotechnology, we believe we can train the next generation of leaders in surgery in this country.

We offer two categorical general surgery tracks. The Standard (5+2) Track includes 5 clinical years plus two professional development years. The Stanford Accelerated Surgeon Scientist (SASS) Track is targeted at outstanding candidates who have already made significant contributions to a scientific field.  Please visit our application information page to learn more about these two tracks.

This website is for you, but it is about us. It is about the residents who have completed their training at Stanford and it is about the residents who are here now. It is about the contributions these two groups will make to the future of surgery and to the care of their patients as they move through their careers. It is also about you, should you come to Stanford, because you will become a part of a great history and legacy. When you leave Stanford you will be better for having been here, and we will be better for having had you here.

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