Ph.D. Program


Course Requirements For Ph.D. or M.S. Degree

All students must take a minimum of nine medical school coursesa divided into three general categories (see below) and register for exactly 10 units each quarter (including summer). Students must earn a minimum grade of B- in all nine courses and maintain at least a B average for continuation in the program. Courses not taken for a letter grade do not count toward the total of nine courses. 

Core Requirements
GENE 200 (Training Camp)

BIOS 200 (Foundations in Experimental Biology)

GENE 205 (Advanced Genetics, Win)

GENE 211 (Genome Biology, Win)
GENE 215 (Frontiers, Fall & Spr) – must register for twice
MED 255 (The Responsible Conduct of Research, Aut, Win, Spr) – register early, fills up fast

bHRP 258 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Clinical Research, Spring) Or
bSTAT 141 (Biostatistics, Fall) Or

bSTATS 366 (Computational Statistics, Genetics & Microbiology, Spr)

Other Electives (at least 2 required) such as

GENE 214 (Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology, Spr)
GENE 244 (Introduction to Statistical Genetics, Aut, alternate years)
GENE 245 (Computational Algorithms for Statistical Genetics, Spr, alternate years)
GENE 206 (Epigenetics, Win, not every year)
GENE 218 (Computational Analysis of Biological Informations: Intor to Pythong for Biologist, Smr, alt yrs)
BIO 244 (Molecular Evolution, Spr)
GENE 210 (Personalized Medicine, Spr)
GENE 235 (C. elegans Genetics, Win, alternate years)
BIO 222, BIO 237, BIO 258, CBIO 275, CS 278, PATH 210, DBIO 201, DB 210, GENE 221, GENE 234, IMM 230, STAT 202.

aCourses outside the medical school (e.g., CS, STAT) are encouraged and can be applied to the minimum requirement of nine courses.

bThe statistics requirement counts towards the minimum of nine courses. Students may petition the Graduate Program Director to receive approval for any courses, including statistics, that have been completed elsewhere and that may substitute for required Genetics courses. All such petitions must be submitted no later than Friday of the second week of classes during the quarter in which the course that is the subject of the petition is taught.

Example first year curriculum

Fall – 10 units
GENE 200 – Training Camp
BIOS 200 – Foundations in Exp. Bio
GENE 215 – Frontiers in Biology Rotation

Winter – 10 units
Genetics 211 – Genomics
GENE 205 – Advanced Genetics
GENE/MED 255 – The Responsible Conduct of Rotation

Spring – 10 units
GENE 215 – Frontiers in Biology
HRP 258
Rotation and other electives


Department Key

  • BIOCHEM = Biochemistry
  • BIO = Biological Sciences
  • BMI = Biomedical Informatics
  • DBIO = Developmental Biology
  • GENE = Genetics
  • MCP = Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  • MPHA = Molecular Pharmacology
  • STAT = Statistics