Program Faculty & Staff

Program Leadership and Staff

Andrea Hanson-Kahn, Kathryn Spitzer Kim, Kelly Ormond, MaryAnn Campion

Program Co-Directors

MaryAnn Campion, EdD, MS, LCGC
Clinical Associate Professor, Genetics

Kelly E. Ormond, MS, LCGC
Professor (Teaching), Genetics


Associate Director

Andrea Hanson-Kahn, MS, LCGC
Clinical Assistant Professor, Genetics


Medical Director

Louanne Hudgins, MD, FACMG
Professor, Pediatrics - Medical Genetics
Director, Perinatal Genetics (LPCH)


Program Lecturer

Kathryn Spitzer Kim, MS, CGC
Lecturer, Genetics


Program Coordinator

Tacy Framhein

By attending Stanford's program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling, you will be working with experienced faculty members at all levels. Our faculty is comprised of over 40 genetic counselors and 10 MDs/PhDs from 6 clinical areas and 3 clinical laboratories.

Genetic Counselors